Get Weekly Digest of Wikipedia’s Article of the Day in Email

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This tutorial explains how to get the weekly digest of Wikipedia’s Article of the Day in an email.

I have used one of the fantastic IFTTT recipes to perform this task. Using the recipe, you will get the list of all articles of the day published the past week on Wikipedia. The recipe will do this task automatically every week.

Before adding the recipe, you will also be able to set the time as well as the day of the week to receive the weekly digest. After this, the recipe will trigger per day whenever a new article is published on Wikipedia, but the recipe won’t send it to your email address. It will store the articles and list of all those articles of the previous week is sent to the email address on the selected day and time.

IFTTT recipe to automatically receive weekly digest of Wikipedia articles

In the screenshot above, you can see the recipe that helps me get the weekly digest of the article of the day published on Wikipedia.

If you want to receive Wikipedia’s Article of the Day daily, then you should check this article.

How to Automatically Get Weekly Digest of Wikipedia’s Article of the Day in an Email?

Following are the steps to add IFTTT recipe and automatically get all the articles of the day of Wikipedia of last week in your email address:

Step 1: Login to your IFTTT account and search for the recipe that can perform this task. You can also use this recipe.

IFTTT recipe homepage

Step 2: On the homepage of the recipe, click on Advanced Settings. It will help you to set the date and time when you want to receive the email. You email address remains the same that is registered with IFTTT account. You cannot add any other alternative email address.

set time of day and day of week to receive the email

Step 3: You can also add the language code (like en for English), change title, etc., or can leave the fields unchanged. Tap the Add button and now the recipe is saved for you.

Every week, at the time and day set by you, an email will be sent by the recipe to your email address. You can open the email to find the list of articles of the day published during the last week.

weekly digest email received

You can read the summary of every article and can also any article directly on Wikipedia.

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