5 Free Online Rap Song Makers

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Here is a list of 5 free online rap song makers for Windows. You can make your own rap songs with the help of beats available on these websites.

In the days of rappers like Eminem, 50cent, and many more stars, rap music is growing popular among people. An online rap song maker provides you with beats that you can use for free, and then sing along. You can rap your lyrics according to the beats available and record them on your phone, or with the help of online recorder provided by the website. There are free beats available on these websites and you can use them to make your own rap songs. Let us go through these websites one by one.

The free websites reviewed in this article are CreateRaps, Flocabulary, Dopetracks, RapPad, and BEATZBYLEKZ.



CreateRaps is the first free online rap song maker that I have reviewed in this article. You can use the available beats on this platform and make songs in accordance with them. The website comes with an online recorder that you can use to record your rap songs. All you have to do is follow a simple three-step procedure. There is no registration required.

To begin with, the first step is to choose a beat and click record. There are various free beats available on the website from where you can choose one for yourself. Once you have chosen a song, hit the allow button and start recording your song. Make sure that your microphone is connected and working properly. After your rap song has finished recording, you can hear it before saving it and sharing with your friends online.


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Flocabulary is the second online rap song maker in this article that you can try out for free. This is a platform with multiple features for rap singers. It lets you learn some tips of rap making, write your own rap songs, and more. There is an online rap rhyming dictionary available, and you can also create your own rap beats on this platform.

Apart from all these exciting features, there are many free rap beats available that you can use for your rap songs. There are quite a few rap beats available that you can listen to and use them to make your rap songs. However, since there is no recorder available, you will have to record your rap song on your mobile or some other device.


rap song maker

Moving on, the third free rap song maker reviewed in this article is Dopetracks. As the name suggests, the website contains lots of tracks and beats that you can use for your rap songs. The link given above will directly take you to the page where you can view all the latest beats uploaded on the website. There is also one separate tab that contains all the latest and other beats. You do not need any account to use these beats. Just pick up your favorite beat, adjust your rap accordingly, and start recording. You can also upload your own beat, if you have one.

To record your rap song, you can use the recorder available on the website. Simply  go to Record tab and select the DT Recorder option to record your rap song. You can save this song and share it online, once you have recorded it.



RapPad is the penultimate rap song maker that I have included in this list for you. This website serves the dual function of allowing to write your own lyrics, and use the rap beats to rap your songs. The Beats section includes a lot of free beats and instrumentals that you can use and rap your song. Click the use beat option provided against the beat that you like. You can also upload your beat if you want to.

However, there is no online recorder available on this website. You will have to use some external device like mobile phone to record your rap song. While you are recording your song, you can write all your lyrics in a provided space. You can also save these lyrics, if you choose to create a free account with the website.


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I’ll finish this list of free online rap song maker with a simple website called BEATZBYLEKZ. This website provides you will multiple rap beats that you can use to make your own rap songs. There are lots of beats available in a very modern looking interface. You can use these beats online and record your songs while they play in the background. However, if you wish to lease or exclusively own these beats, then you will have to play a certain amount.

All these above mentioned websites provide you with rap beats, and some of them also provide online recorders, that you can use to make rap of songs online. You can combine these beats with your own lyrics and make songs of your own. The fact that you can also share them online only serves your better. Try them out and give us your feedback through comments.

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