3 Websites Dedicated to Programming for Kids

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Here is a list of 3 websites dedicated to programming for kids. These websites help kids in learning programming and also to pique their interest towards it. These websites use various fun ways like activities, tools, games, etc. which keep kids hooked to programming and motivate them to learn it. A few of them are focused on a particular type of language while rest of them teache programming as in general.

Each website included in this list is free. So let’s have a look at each website one by one.

1. CodeMonkey:


CodeMonkey is a website which is dedicated to teach basics of programming for kids. This website teaches all the basics using a game in which one gorilla has stolen the bananas of a monkey. Now, your kid has to help the monkey to get back his bananas from the gorilla. There is a text editor where your kid has to enter the correct code which will make the monkey to get his banana back. The whole game is divided into multiple levels and your kid is rewarded with stars after completion of each level.

Don’t worry, the website also explains everything before asking your kid to complete the level. You can check the complete review of CodeMonkey here.

2. Code.org:


Code.org is a non-profit website organization which is dedicated to encouraging people and kids towards computer science and programming. The website includes various courses and resources to help kids and any person in learning and getting started with basics of programming. Each course on the website also describes the suitable age for pursuing it. It also includes the prerequisites for following and learning a particular course.

The website also has a work space where your kids can practice learning codes using drag and drop enabled options. If you are registered with the website, then you can even save the progress of the kids.

3. Plural Sight:

Plural Sight

Plural Sight is the second last website in the list. This website has various courses for kids to learn programming. Each course is divided into various chapters and each chapter consists of a PowerPoint presentation slides. On the table of contents, you can check the chapter name and duration of the presentation. The complete presentation has various modules and you can jump to any module with one simple click. Apart from presentations; each course has description, transcript, exercise files, assessment, discussion, level, rating, total duration, and released date.

These are the 3 websites dedicated to programming for kids. Check them out as all of them are free and make easy to learn programming.

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