5 Tab Manager Addons For Mozilla Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 tab manager addons for Firefox which you can use to better manage tabs. We don’t know about you, but over here when we’re working on something, having multiple tabs open is a must. In these types of situations would help to have a way to manage multiple tabs which is why we decided to checkout what kind of tab manager addons are available for Firefox.

Here’s what we found for your Firefox browser to manage tabs.

Tab Mix Plus

firefox addons managing tabs

Tab Mix Plus brings a lot of different options for managing tabs. What you see on the image above is the right click context menu which shows up when you right click on a tab.

Normally when you right click on a tab, you won’t see options for duplicating the selected tab or for moving it into a group, but these are exactly the kind of new features that you get after installing this tab manager addon. With Tab groups you can group similar tabs into a “group”. Unlimited number of these types of groups are available.

Get Tab Mix Plus.

Tab Scope

firefox addons managing tabs 1

Have you ever wanted to have the window preview functionality, the kind that can be seen when you hover your mouse over taskbar in Windows, only inside Firefox?

With Tab Scope, that’s exactly what you get. After installing the addon every time that you hover your mouse over a tab, you’ll see a window preview of it, the same on that you get in newer versions of Windows, see image above.

Get Tab Scope.

All Tabs Helper

firefox addons managing tabs-2

All Tabs Helper is very similar in functionality to Tab Mix Plus, it’s practically the same, with a couple of extra features.

The same right click context menu is available which lets you duplicate tabs, pin them, create/move to a tab group, lock a tab so that it can be manipulated, etc. Another thing that’s available is a tab finder, where you can search for tabs if you have dozens of them open and you don’t know where the one you need is, but you know part of its name.

Get All Tabs Helper.


firefox addons managing tabs-4

ColorfulTabs helps you distinguish between tabs more easily by coloring each tab into a different color.

Their design, shape to be more precise is also changed, as you can see from the screenshot above. As you keep opening tabs, every one of them is gonna be shown in a different color. This makes it more easy to detect the tabs that you really need.

Get ColorfulTabs.

Double Click Closes Tab

firefox addons managing tabs-5

Double Click Closes Tab expands the way how you can close tabs inside Firefox.

Instead of just being able to close it by clicking on the X on the tab, Double Click lets you close it by double clicking on the tab, or by triple clicking anywhere inside the current tab.

Get Double Click Closes Tab.


The two tab manager extensions that we absolutely recommend using are All Tabs Helper and Tab Mix Plus. They are similar, All Tabs Helper with a couple of extra features, but all in all they are a great way how to expand tab management functionality of Firefox. Others are also great. Give them all a try and let us know what you think in comments down below.

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