5 Free Websites To Learn Mediterranean Cuisine

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn Mediterranean cuisine. You can learn to cook various dishes in this genre with the help of these websites, for free.

Mediterranean cuisine, as we know, represents food from regions surrounding the Mediterranean sea. A Mediterranean diet is considered to include a lot of traditional tasty food and drinks. At the same time, it is also considered very healthy. Some of the key ingredients of Mediterranean diet include olive oil, fresh vegetable, different kinds of fruits, fish, and more. There are a lot of non vegetarian dishes to be learnt if you are trying your hand at Mediterranean cuisine.

The websites reviewed in this article are Cooking Light, Easy2Cook, Oldways, Food Network, and Awesome Cuisine. 

Cooking Light:

learn Mediterranean cuisine

The first website in this article to learn Mediterranean cuisine is Cooking Light. On this website, you will get to learn a variety of dishes that can be cooked easily and quickly. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes are available , and preparation time for each of the recipe available on this website is less than 20 mins. In total, there are 30 different dishes to be learnt on this website as of now. New dishes are also added from time to time. The link above will directly take you the page where you can view these recipes one by one and try out the dishes that you like. A brief description of every dish is also provided along with every recipe. You can even print and email the recipes, if you want.



Easy2Cook is the second website in this list that you can try out to learn Mediterranean cuisine. There are lots and lots of video recipes ( around 370) available on this website. You can pick up a recipe of your choice, watch its video, and learn. All the recipes available are classified according to their categories like Salad, main course, Meat, Sauces, etc. The video recipes available on the website are from different chefs, and you can rate them based on your opinion.

This online platform has recipes from a lot of other cuisines as well, and Mediterranean cuisine is just one of them. Though the link provided on top will directly guide you to the Mediterranean section, you can also view these video recipes by selecting the same section from the index provided on the left hand side.


learn Mediterranean cuisine

Oldways is the third website in this to learn Mediterranean cuisine. Like other cooking platforms, this website also has a lot of recipes to offer. These recipes range across different cuisines and you will have to filter your search to Mediterranean cuisine. You can further filter your search by choosing to view only Salads, Soups, Snacks, Desserts, etc. in the Mediterranean style. All this can be done by ticking keywords provided on the left hand side in the Recipe tab of the website. You will find recipes only according to the selected keywords, on the right hand side. You can view the ingredients mentioned in the recipe, instructions to follow, and start practicing the dish in your kitchen, Options to print these recipes, or emailing them to your friends are also available.

Food Network:

Food Network

Healthy Mediterranean is the name that has been given by the website to the section where you can learn Mediterranean cuisine. Justifying the name, Food Network provides you with recipes of some healthy dishes that you can learn to cook. Ingredients like fish, olive oil, fruits, vegetable, are forever present in the recipes available in this category. You can browse through these different recipes, and take your pick. Articles related to Mediterranean dishes and diet, written by different chefs, are also available for you to read. They help you in understanding this style of cooking in a better way. Finally, apart from written recipes, some video recipes are also available that you can watch and learn from.

Awesome Cuisine:

learn Mediterranean cuisine

Awesome Cuisine is the fifth and final website in this list to learn Mediterranean cuisine. In the categories section, you will find the option for Mediterranean recipes. Although, the website does not have a huge collection of recipes, still there are enough dishes to learn for a beginner. There are 17 different recipes available on the website to learn. New recipes are uploaded from time to time and you can find them in the recent recipes column.

All the ingredients and directions are provided along with the image of the dish. You can print these recipes, mail them to your friends, and leave your thoughts about the recipe through comments. It would have been nice if some video recipes were also provided. Nevertheless, it is a good website to begin.

So, all these website will help you learn cook some healthy and tasty dishes. Mediterranean diet is known for its healthy and tasty content. Try it out and give us your feedback through comments below.

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