4 Free Subtitle Downloader Software for MAC

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Here are 4 free subtitle downloader software for MAC. Using these software, you can download subtitles for movies and TV shows. And to download subtitles, you can either search for them by typing movie name or just drag and drop the movie file on them to download subtitles. I have added some command line tools as well to download subtitles for movies using terminal. While downloading subtitles, you choose from multiple files and multiple languages. You can download subtitles for movies in a specific language and then watch it.

If you like movies with subtitles then you will like the following MAC tools. You just have to give them a movie name and then they will take care of the rest. After getting subtitles you can edit them if you want to use some online subtitle editors. Or, there are tools to translate subtitles or sync them. Subtitles can be loaded in any video player like VLC which gives you options to customize and sync them natively.

Free Subtitle Downloader Software for MAC

4 Free Subtitle Downloader Software for MAC:


Submarine MAC subtitles downloader

Submarine is one of the best free subtitle downloader for MAC that you can use. Here it simply lets you search subtitles by typing movie name. Or, you can simply drag-drop the movie file to get subtitles. Here using this simple MAC app, you can download subtitles in different languages and save them on your MAC PC. To use this software, you only need a working internet connection. After that, just use it anytime to get subtitles for any movie. And not only movies but you can use it to find subtitles for TV shows as well. However, when I tried it, it was only able to find subtitles for popular shows.

Simply download this MAC software from above and then install it. And to download it, you will have to give your email address to get the download link and license key to register the free version. After you have installed it and activated it then you can start using it right away. Just search for movie by its name or drag-drop movie file. It will take a few seconds and will find you the subtitles that you can download.

Tip: If you don’t want to give it your personal email address to get the download link, you can use some disposable email addresses from some online services.


Caption free movie and tv show subtitle downloader for MAC

Caption is another simple and powerful MAC app to download movie subtitles. It works for TV shows as well and work in the same way like the software above. You can use this MAC subtitle downloader to get subtitles either by movie name or simply drag-drop the movie file on its interface. It will list available subtitle files and you can download any of them easily on your MAC PC. It asks you where you want to save the subtitle file when you download it.

Download the DMG file of Caption from above and then move it to the Applications folder. After that, run it and its simple GUI will show up. To download subtitles, you can either type a movie name or drag-drop a movie file. It will take a few seconds to get the list of available subtitles. From the list, you can download any subtitle file to any location on your PC. Additionally, there is an option in it to choose a specific language for the subtitles.


Subtitler is a command line tool for Node.js. It uses OpenSubtitle to get the sub scene for movies. By just running a simple command, you can search and download subtitles. It lets you download subtitles either by using the movie file or by simply searching them. It lists available subtitle file and their download link in the terminal window. And you can download a file as well by adding a simple command line switch.

To install this tool on your MAC PC, simply install Node.js for MAC if it’s not installed already. After that, you run the following command to install Subtitler.

npm install subtitler -g

Subtitler install in MAC

Now, when Subtitler has installed successfully, you can start using it to download subtitles. Use the following command to download subtitles for the given movie name. And if you want to see some more results for the subtitle file, simply remove the “–download” from this command.

subtitler "Movie Name" --download

Subtitler in action

In the above terminal window, you can see how this tool can be used to download subtitles in your MAC. If you use the “–download” flag in the command then it will automatically download the most suitable file. And if you don’t use the flag then it will list the files with their download link that you can use to download them.


Subgrab is another free command line tool written in Python3. You can easily install it right from the MAC terminal without downloading anything extra. You just give it a movie name and it will show you list of available subtitle files. After that, you just have to select a file and it will download that for you in the current folder. While downloading subtitles of other language, you can specify a language switch as well to get subtitles.

Make sure that you have Python3 installed in your MAC. If not then you can see this tutorial. Now, open terminal and then run the following command to install to install Subgrab.

sudo pip3 install subgrab

subgrab pip install mac

When the above command finishes successfully, you can start using it. To download subtitles for a movie, simply use the following syntax of the command. It will list subtitles for the movie and then you can enter the index number to downlaod that file. See this screenshot.

subgrab -m "Movie Name"

Subgrab downloading subtitles in action

Above you can see the output that this command line tool produces. You can use it in the same way whenever you need it. Just install it once and use it always via simple command.

Final thoughts

These are the best free MAC subtitle downloader tools that I could find. Use any of these to quickly grab subtitle file for any movie and TV show. And I really liked the fact that you can get the subtitles in any language and by simple drag and drop operations. In my opinion, if you need a painless subtitle downloader then use Submarine or Caption because of their simple and power GUI. And if you usually spend more time on terminal then you can use any command line tool that I have mentioned in the post above.

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