Best Free Online Subtitle Maker Websites

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Let us checkout some of the best online subtitle maker websites. These tools let you create subtitles online for videos in various formats. As these tools are web applications, they are suitable to create subtitles of short duration videos, as uploading a long video online will consume time as well as bandwidth.

Some of the subtitle formats in which these online subtitle maker websites can create subtitles are: VTT, SRT, JSON, SBV, Encore, SSA, etc. The video formats that these tools support are: MP4, FLV, OGG, WebM, YouTube videos, and Vimeo videos.

Let us get to know about these online subtitle creator websites in details one at a time.

If you want to edit, you may want to look at these Subtitle Editor Software or Online Subtitle Editors.

Here Are The Best Free Subtitle Maker Websites:

Subtitle Horse

Subtitle Horse is an amazing website where you can create video subtitles online for free. It is really easy to use, and you can get started to create subtitles in moments. It lets you load a video of your choice to create subtitles. To make subtitles, it provides an intuitive interface, where you get to play video and add subtitle text accordingly. You can add subtitle text for a video segment by entering start and end time manually.

Do note that you can only load online videos here. You can either provide YouTube video link, or URL of an online video in MP4, FLV, WEBM, OGV, etc. formats. After you load a video, a similar interface as shown in the above screenshot appears. Here, you can click on “add at current time” to begin adding a subtitle. This will let you add subtitle text from the position where cursor is at. However, you can always change the time according to your choice. This way, keep adding text for different time sections of video. When done, click on the File menu, and go to Export option. There, you will get to select the output subtitle format. Supported subtitle formats are: VTT, SRT, Timed Text, JSON, SBV, Encore, and Text. You can even upload an existing subtitle file to edit it.

This is one hell of an online subtitle maker. Access Subtitle Horse here.


Amara is an advanced subtitle maker which lets you create subtitle online. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, MP4, WebM, FLV, and OGG videos to add subtitles. Just like Subtitle Horse, you can only add videos that are available online. You will have to provide a video URL in order to load it.

After you load a video, you will have to add a language in order to create a subtitle. Here, you get to select the language of video, and the language in which you have to add a subtitle. When done, the subtitle editor interface will open up. The editor interface looks as shown in the above screenshot. Here, you get space to type subtitle text. There are hotkeys to set the subtitle text start and end time. These hotkeys are displayed as you create subtitle. This again is an easy to use subtitle creator with video preview.

hen done, you can download subtitle to your PC in SRT, SBV, VTT, SSA, and other subtitle formats.

Access Amara here.

Closing Words

Both of these online subtitle maker are good at what they do. If given a choice, I would go with Subtitle Horse, as it is very intuitive to use, and one can get started with creating subtitles online instantly.

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