5 Chrome Extensions To Prevent Tracking By Websites

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome extensions which you can use to prevent tracking by websites. Website tracking has come to such levels that a random website that you visit probably picks up and knows more information about what you like than your friends or family does. If you would like to increase your privacy and prevent websites from tracking your online activity, then the extensions that we’re gonna be talking about are what you need.

Let’s look at these Google Chrome extensions to prevent tracking by websites.


google chrome prevent tracking by websites extensions

Ghostery is a very powerful extension which you can use to keep close tabs on all the tracking cookies that a certain website tries to place on your computer.

Clicking on the top right corner icon will reveal Ghostery’s control panel. Once you open up a website in this control panel you’re gonna see a list of all the trackers that the website tried to place on your PC. Clicking on the blue button next to tracker name will block the selected tracker for good. Button all the way to the right creates an exception and allows the selected tracker to be active, if you want to allow a certain tracker to keep tracking you.

Get Ghostery.


google chrome prevent tracking by websites extensions 1

DoNotTrackMe is an extension that automatically prevents websites from being able to track you. As soon as you open up a website with the extensions installed, you’re gonna see numbers changing in the top right corner where the extension icon is.

These numbers are of course the number of tracking cookies that the extension prevented from inhabiting your PC. Again if you’re interested in allowing a certain cookie, just click on the “Don’t track my browsing here” option and change the red X for a green check mark on the right, just like we did with Ghostery. That way the selected cookie is whitelisted and becomes functional. Notice that DoNotTrackMe also protects you email, credit card and phone information, it doesn’t just prevent websites from tracking you.

Get DoNotTrackMe.


google chrome prevent tracking by websites extensions 2

Disconnect works just like the previous three extensions that we covered but it has a lot more advanced features.

Types of tracking that are gonna get blocked include advertising, analytics, social and content. A lot of advanced features are also available, like a visual diagram of all the tracking cookies for each website that you visit. Blocked website tracking can be unblocked, whitelisted if you want.

Get Disconnect.

Do Not Track

google chrome prevent tracking by websites extensions 3

If you would like to completely opt out of being tracked by websites without having complicated control panels installed, you can do that with Do Not Track.

Do Not Track blocks tracking by websites in the background, without giving you control over what gets blocked because everything gets blocked.

Get Do Not Track.

AVG Do Not Track

google chrome prevent tracking by websites extensions 4

AVG Do Not Track is an extension for preventing tracking by websites made by AVG.

It works the same way that the first three from the list do. You get a control panel in the top right corner where all the tracking that’s being done by a website that you open is gonna be listed. From there you can either turn of trackers individually or all of them together.

Get AVG Do Not Track.


Disconnect has a lot of extra features so if you’re interested in having a lot of functionality, we suggest you try Disconnect first. If you want simplicity, give Do Not Track a try. As always let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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