5 ASCII Art Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 ASCII art apps for Android which you can use to find interesting ASCII art which can be inserted into text messages, online discussions, social network profiles and more. ASCII art gives you more freedom than emoticons. Even entire images can be turned into ASCII art, but what we’re mainly going to be focusing on is ASCII art that can be used in text messages instead of or alongside emoticons. They won’t be overly complicated, but can still be a fun way to impress your friends with nicely decorated text.

Let’s see how exactly it is that these apps work.

Ascii Art & Emoticons

ascii art apps android 1

Ascii Art & Emoticons is a combination of both an ASCII art app and an emoticon app. When you run it for the first time you’ll need to select if you want to access its database of ACSII art or the emoji database.

As you can see from the image above, the app has a mix of over 120 different pieces of ASCII art. They are grouped into 22 categories (nature, funny, love, greetings, etc.). Built-in gallery makes it easy to browse, preview and share the ASCII art. You can copy/paste it or share directly from the app using the share buttons.

Get Ascii Art & Emoticons.

Ascii Emoticons

ascii art apps android 2

Ascii Emoticons is geared towards ASCII art that imitates emoticons. It doesn’t have as complicated art as the one that can be found in Ascii Art & Emoticons, but you can still find great ASCII art in the 9 categories that are available in ASCII Emoticons.

Available categories are actions text, animals, characters, expressions, objects, people, sweet girl text and miscellaneous. They can be easily copied from the app wherever it is that you need them.

Get Ascii Emoticons.

Also, have a look at Convert Images To ASCII Text On Android: ASCIInator App Free.

Ascii Art Camera

ascii art apps android 3

Ascii Art Camera takes it one step further by allowing you to create ASCII art from images that you create with your camera, or existing images that you have in your gallery.

Just select the image option in the top right corner of the screen to load up the image into the application. Once you’ve done that, Ascii Art Camera will convert the image and let you do some minor tweaks like cropping, before actually exporting the created ASCII art.

Get Ascii Art Camera.

Text Picture (Ascii Art)

ascii art apps android 4

Text Picture (Ascii Art) has a large selection of ASCII art of different shapes. It’s one of the best ASCII art apps that I tested.

Animals category is opened up on the image above, but there are others like love, funny symbols, emoticons, and more. Browser let you browse through the available ASCII art, favorite them, edit and of course copy so that they can be easily inserted into text messages, social network posts and more.

Get Text Picture (Ascii Art).

Also, have a look at Convert Text to Ascii Online: Asciimo Free Ascii Art.

Emotexticons – Text Smiley

ascii art apps android 5

Emotexticons has the largest collection of ASCII art out off all the ASCII art apps that I tested. Over 1000 different ASCII art themed emoticons are available.

All of them are grouped into categories, which can be easily switched between using the tabs at the top of the app. Even the number of categories is extensive. To copy something just tap on the block and hit the “next” arrow at the bottom of the screen for viewing the sharing options.

Get Emotexticons – Text Smiley.


Last two ASCII art apps from the list above are my favorites. Text Picture has a large selection of very nice looking complex ASCII art, while Emotexticons is the same, only it focuses on more simplistic ASCII art. Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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