5 Google Chrome Image Zoom In Extensions

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Here’s a list of 5 Google Chrome extensions which you can use to easily zoom in on photos without having to download them or open in a new tab. You can probably think of a million times when you were going through your Facebook feed and you’ve come across an image that you wanted to take a better look at.

Normally you would need to click on it. Well with the extensions that we’re gonna be talking about here today, you don’t even have to do that.

Photo Zoom For Facebook

chrome photo zoom extensions

The first extension that we’re gonna talk about helps you do exactly what we mentioned in the introduction.

With Photo Zoom For Facebook you’ll be able to zoom in on photos when scrolling through Facebook feed by simply hovering your mouse over them. Same thing is true for the rest of Facebook. A simple mouse hover is all you need to zoom in on image thumbnails and look at them in more detail.

Get Photo Zoom For Facebook.

Hover Zoom

chrome photo zoom extensions-8

Hover Zoom works the same way that Photo Zoom For Facebook does, only it supports a lot more websites.

Flickr, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, deviantART, Imgur are just some of the several dozens of websites that are supported. Websites that are supported are gonna have Hover Zooms icon in the address bar. To configure Hover Zoom, right click on its icon and select Settings.

Get Hover Zoom.

Image Zoomer

chrome photo zoom extensions-10

Image Zoomer works with all images on all the websites out there, not just on selected few which is the case with previous two image zoom extensions.

To quickly zoom in on an image using Image Zoomer you’re gonna have to hold down the right mouse click and once you’ve done that use the scroll wheel to zoom in on an image. To reset the zoom, simply do a left double click anywhere on the image.

Get Image Zoomer.

Barry’s Image Zoom

chrome photo zoom extensions-11

Barry’s Image Zoom completely takes over image zoom management, once that it’s installed.

Images that you open are automatically resized to fit browser window size. To zoom in you just have to use the mouse scroll wheel. Default zoom speed is slow, but you can hold down Shift when scrolling to increase the zoom speed. To reset the zoom just double click on the image.

Get Barry’s Image Zoom.

Image Viewer

chrome photo zoom extensions-12

Image Viewer works the same way that Barry’s Image Zoom does, but it has a few extra features.

To zoom in on an image use the mouse wheel. To rotate an image, press and hold the right mouse click and again use the mouse wheel, up rotates to the right, down to the left. Like it is the case with all the other image zoom extensions that we mentioned before this one, left double click resets the image size and rotation.

Get Image Viewer.


There’s a lot of image zoom extensions that you can find in the Chrome web store, these are just the ones that we thought were most interesting. We definitely suggest that you try Hover Zoom, but Image Viewer and Barry’s Image Zoom are also very useful if you’re looking for a bit more control over images that you view. As always if you have any complaints or suggestions, leave them in the comment section down below.

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