5 Free Software To Create Diagrams, Flowcharts

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Here are 5 free software to create Diagrams or flowcharts right there on your computer. With the help of these diagram creator software, you can create UML (Unified Modeling Diagram) diagrams, graphs, illustrations, pie-chart and many other similar kind of stuff. Download these software free to create visual representations in the form of flowcharts or diagrams.

Diagram Designer

 Example of a flowchart produce in DiagramDesigner.

Diagram Designer is a free diagram creator software that let’s you create UML Unified Modeling Language diagrams and other visual representations like flowcharts on you computer. This free diagram creating program even let’s you create slideshows, illustrations, graphs, etc. Diagram Designer is a very simple tool which can be used to create UML diagrams. For using this freeware, it’s not necessary that you should be expert in diagram creating. This free diagram creator program comes with features like spellchecker, slideshow viewer, template object palette that are customizable. Diagram Designer proves to be really useful for those for the people who work with diagrams, charts and graphs, etc.

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Timing Editor

TimingEditor elements for creation

Timing Editor is aanother free diagram creating program using which you can create timing diagrams. Timing Diagrams are a type of UML diagrams and prove to be one of the best way to describe any process. Timing Editor let’s you create diagrams using 3 elements which are Clocks, Signals and Buses. So with the help of these three elements, you can easily create time diagrams. Moreover, the diagrams that you create using this free software can be exported as PNG image, PS format, or SVG Vector graphics. Timing Editor is an easy to use diagram creator program that lets you visualize a project in an understandable way.

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Also, check out some online tools for creating diagrams online like SlickPlan, LucidChart, Creately.

yED Graph Editor


yED Graph Editor is another free tool which allows you to create diagrams, flowcharts, trees, networks and many other type of visual representations. The interface include several tools, so the novice users or beginners may find this program a bit confusing in the starting stage. For creating UML diagrams or presentations, you need to select the UML option. The good part is that this free diagram creator works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Download yED Graph Editor for free.

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Diagram Ring

Diagram Ring charts software

Diagram Ring is also a free diagram creator which helps you to create diagrams and flowcharts effortlessly. With the help of this Diagram Ring, you can effortlessly create flow charts, organization charts, bar charts, class diagrams, case diagrams, etc. Creating visual diagram or flowchart is a not at all a difficult task, this program basically comes with two modes, which are Select mode and Connect mode. Select mode let’s you add multiple different shapes onto the diagram or flowchart, whereas the Connect mode lets you connect the added shapes with lines. In addition, you are allowed to adjust the size of shapes and text that you have added to this free software. Download Diagram Ring for free.

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KangaModeling example diagram

KangaModeling is another free program that let’s you create UML type Diagrams which basically represent projects, workflow, models, etc. KangaModeling allows you to create diagrams using several graphical tools, where, you just need to click the the items and drag them for creating a diagram that represent a project or a model. This free diagram creator has got a unique approach to diagrams, as it basically uses the code to describe the diagram created by you, as in how it will look like. The good part is that this free diagram creator is a small in size software. Download KangaModeling for free.

Read more about KangaModeling or try it here.

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