5 Free Calculator Apps For Android

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Here, are 5 free calculator apps for Android. Most of the Android phones do come with a calculator app pre-installed, but they are quite basic in nature. Good thing is that there are a lot of free calculator apps available in Google Play Store that provide much more features than the default calculator app for Android.

In this article we will discuss about some best calculator apps which includes RealCalc scientific calculator; one of the most popular Android calculator app in Google Play Store, Percentage Calculator app to calculate percentage, discount calculator, and more. Of course, Love Calculator app is not a part of this list :)

RealCalc Scientific Calculator:

RealCalc Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator is a free scientific calculator app for Android which offers a nice scientific calculator on Android. You can now do big calculations as the calculator has almost all the functions which a normal scientific calculator has. You just have to launch the calculator app and your are ready to start calculation. When you launch the app, it opens up in full-screen mode on your Android phone. RealCalc app turns your Android phone into a full calculator device. Apart from doing calculations, you can easily check history results from the app. Also, you can clear the memory and history of calculations done. As RealCalc is a scientific calculator app, it includes algebraic functions too.

You can check out review on RealCalc Calculator app for Android.

Mobi Calculator Free(CubeCalc):

Mobi Calculator Free

Mobi Calculator is a free Android calculator app which offers a dual-mode calculator on Android. This calculator app has dual-mode to switch which includes normal calculator mode and HEX/BIN/OCT calculator mode. Mobi Calculator app is a full-screen mode app which displays a full-screen calculator on Android phone. It becomes easy for you to make calculation as the calculator app provides big buttons to use. The calculator also provides Trigonometric functions, degrees, radians, logarithm and other functions. You can also change the color theme from multiple calculator themes provided by the app.

Office Calculator Free:

Office Calculator Free

Office Calculator is a free Android calculator app which is specially designed for office use. This Android calculator app is a simple app that provides easy to use interface of calculator. This free calculator app provides virtual tape to record all the calculations, floating/fixed point arithmetic, calculation of percentage, and more. You can even change the theme of the calculator. You can set the app to multiple decimal places mode. Office Calculator app supports three rounding mode which include Up, 5/4, and Down. You can check more advanced options of the calculator app from its settings menu. Only drawback of this calculator app is that it shows ads at the top, which takes away screen real estate.

Shake Calc – Calculator:

Shake Calc App

Shake Calc – Calculator is a free calculator app for Android which works with shake and touch. This Android calculator is a bit different and nice calculator app in Google Play Store. After launching this Android calculator app, you need to enter the values which you want to calculate and just shake your Android phone to get the result of the values and command entered. For e.g., if you are multiplying “6*6”, then manually enter the values in the calculator app and then shake the device to get the result as “36”. Apart from shaking feature, the calculator app also comes with advanced functions like sin, cos, tan, square, square root, log, and more. You can also change the theme of the calculator being displayed on Android screen.

Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator:

Ice Cream Sandwich

ice Cream Sandwich Calculator is a free Android Ice Cream Sandwich version calculator for Android version 2.1 to 2.3. Now, get the feel of Ice Cream Sandwich calculator on your older Android phones. This calculator app is a very simple app with simple Ice Cream Sandwich interface on Android. You can easily switch the calculator app between advanced panel and basic panel. Advanced panel of the app includes functions like trigonometry, exponential, logarithms, parenthesis, and more. You can even cut, copy, and paste any value in the calculator app.

Make your Android look more like Ice Cream Sandwich by installing Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard for Android version 2.1 to 2.3 reviewed by us.

As per my personal observation, I feel RealCalc app is the most convenient and useful calculator app to install on Android. Apart from RealCalc calculator app, all other calculator apps are also good by their own nature and work.

Bonus Apps

Apart from the calculator apps mentioned above, Android market also has some specialized apps that are not full-fledged calculators, but do provide specific calculation functions. Here are 3 of such apps:

Tip N Split Tip Calculator:

Tip N Split Calculator

Tip N Split Tip Calculator is a free Android calculator app that enables a tip calculator on Android. You can easily calculate tip of certain percentage of the total bill. Apart from calculating the total tip of the bill, you can also split it between certain number of people. Percentage of tip and number of people to split bill depends upon you. You can easily enter the percentage of the tip and the number of people between whom the total bill including the tip will be distributed equally. The calculator tells you the split amount and the total bill including the split amount separately. You can even set the percentage of the tip as default percentage to calculate on all bill amounts.

Of course, this app is needed when you are in a restaurant, bar, saloon or any other place, and you need to pay tip to the service provider. There you can easily calculate the total amount of tip and also distribute between the people, if you are not the single person to the pay the total bill.

Discount Calculator:

Discount Calculator

Discount Calculator is a free calculator app for Android to calculate discount on any product or total shopping. This Android calculator app is simple app that allows you to easily calculate discount amount by entering the discount percentage and total amount of the bill or product. Apart from calculating the discount amount, you can also add tax percentage and the app will automatically calculate and tells you the total amount after subtracting the discount amount and adding the tax in the total bill. You can also check out the graphical presentation of your total spending and savings you have done each time.

Percent Calculator:

Percentage Calculator

Percent Calculator is a free Android calculator app to calculate percentage with different perspective on Android. This Android calculator app is a very nice app that provides multiple type of percentage calculators to calculate percentage in different scenarios. The app includes calculating simple percentage of any value, calculator to increase a value by certain percentage, calculating percentage discount, Tip calculator, calculator to calculate margin percentage, calculate percentage change, calculate what percent of (for e.g., if you want to know 100 is what percent of 1000). This calculator is helpful when you deal with numbers and percentages.

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