Free Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Partitions: Partition Find and Mount

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Partition Find & Mount is a free software to find and recover deleted or lost partitions. Partition Find & Mount makes it extremely easy to be used by even novice users, and ensures that you cannot mess up anything with your partitions using this free software. This is actually a big relief, as it is always tricky to play around with partitions.

Each partition in our hard drive is defined by a Master Boot Record. That might sometimes get deleted by malware or some other reasons. This would mean that your operating system will not be able to find that partition. And if you do not regularly backup your data, you end up losing all the data. There might be other reasons also that your partition gets deleted or lost.

Partition Find & Mount recovers such lost and deleted partitions very easily. To find your deleted or lost partitions, just run Partition Find & Mount. Partition Find & Mount will show you all the partitions that it can find. Then, you can easily copy all your data from those partitions easily.

Partition Find & Mount shows you partition in read only mode, and does not lets you modify a partition. This ensures that you can copy all your data from the lost partition, and still do not run the risk of messing up your partitions.

Partition Find & Mount supports both FAT as well as NTFS file systems.

Partition Find & Mount looks for your deleted and lost partitions using 3 algorithms:

Fast Intellectual Scan:

This is the best way to find lost or deleted partitions when only MBR record is corrupted. This method just takes a few seconds.

Normal Scan:

This is a more exhaustive method of finding lost and deleted partition. Using this method, Partition Find & Mount checks all those places in hard disk where partition information is normally stored. This method takes a few minutes.

Thorough Scan:

If you are not able to find your lost and deleted partitions using any of the above methods, you can try Thorough scan. This scans all the sectors of entire hard disk. This can take up to a few hours.

If you want to create, delete, or modify partitions, you can use SwissKnife.

Partition Find & Mount is a very effective tool. It is completely free for Personal Use.

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