How To Insert Accents In Google Docs

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This tutorial explains how to insert accents (or accent marks) in a Google Docs document.

When we have to use an accent or symbol (like á, ü, ç, etc.) with a letter in a Google Docs or any other document, we either rush for Google search or insert the accent manually (using Alt+code). However, the task becomes lengthy and time-consuming when we have to insert multiple accent marks and that too in different languages. To make this task simple, here is a free Google Docs add-on, named Easy Accent.

Easy Accent provides its sidebar to choose the language and shows all the accent you can use for that language. You can insert any accent in a single click. You can also replace the selected text with an accent.

use accents in Google Docs

Above you can see the sidebar of this add-on containing accents and few accents inserted by me in a document.

To type foreign letters, accents, etc., we have also covered a free website, known as TypeIt.

How To Insert Accents In Google Docs?

Step 1: Install this Google Docs add-on and open an existing or new document.

Step 2: Go to Add-ons → Easy Accents → Easy Accents - Start.

access Easy Accents from add-ons

Step 3: The sidebar of Easy Accents add-on will open. The sidebar shows the option to select a language. Available languages are: French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Afrikaans, Danish, Icelandic, Hawaiian, Polish, Portuguese, etc.

select a language

Step 4: Select the language and accents associated with that language will be in front of you. Now clicking on a particular accent will insert it in the document. You can also select a character or letter to replace it with a particular accent.

click on an accent to insert in the document

You can also change the language anytime and use any accent available for that language.


If you ever feel the need to insert accents in a particular Google Docs document, this add-on is perfect for that. Dozens of languages are supported that make the add-on valuable.

Get Easy Accents Google Docs add-on.

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