Get New Image Every Time You Open a New Tab in Chrome

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Exposure New Tab is a free Google Chrome extension that shows a new image every time you open a new tab. It fetches the images from Exposure website and lets you view them in a new tab.

Exposure website is a storytelling website where photographers and other users can share their story using graphics. This extension grabs photos uploaded by Exposure users’ and presents those images in a new tab of your Google Chrome. Mainly the cover photos of Exposure users’ is fetched by this extension.

You can use this extension to turn the boring and white color new tab into interesting and beautiful tab. Whenever you will refresh the new tab, a different photo will be in front of you.

open new image in every new tab of Google Chrome

Above screenshot shows my new tab with a beautiful photo provided by this extension.

Note: After installing this extension, MENU option will also be visible on the new tab. Clicking this option will explore a sidebar that contains multiple options, like sign in or create an account with Exposure, discover stories of Exposure users, search, etc. However, none of these options worked for me. You need to manually open homepage of Exposure website and create a free account to access all these options.

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How to Use This Free Google Chrome Extension To Get New Image in Every New Tab?

Download this extension using the link placed at the end of this review. After installation, you need to open a new tab in your Chrome browser.

You will notice that new tab is customized and a photo will be visible covering the whole tab. Similarly, whenever you will open a new tab, it will show a different and beautiful image.

open new tab to view a new image

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to save the image. However, clicking on that image will direct you to the source page or publisher’s page that have uploaded the photo in his/her account on Exposure website.

Apart from accessing photographer’s page, you will also find ENJOY button on bottom right side of the new tab. If you liked the photo currently visible on your new tab, you can click that button to up vote that photo.

like the photo and get another image

To get another photo, you can either open another tab or just reload the active new tab. You can also shuffle images within that tab using the SHUFFLE PHOTO button.


Exposure New Tab will completely change the new tab of Google Chrome and will provide many interesting photos whenever you open a new tab. However, I believe some other basic options, like show current date and time, or something else, could make the new tab and this extension more useful.

Get Expoosure New Tab Chrome Extension free.

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