Show EarthPorn Subreddit Images in Google Chrome New Tab

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/r/EarthPorn Tabs is a free Google Chrome extension that automatically provides beautiful images of our Earth in every new tab of Google Chrome. It fetches images from EarthPorn subreddit (a community or category of Reddit) and shows those images in new tab of Chrome.

Whenever you will open a new tab or refresh/reload a new tab, a different image of our nature will be visible to you. However, it may take few seconds to display a different picture, otherwise same picture will be visible.

You can see all photos, one by one, uploaded by Reddit users’ in EarthPorn subreddit so far. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to save the images using save as option present in the context menu. However, you can access a particular image in EarthPorn subreddit and save it.

EarthPorn Tabs- see EarthPorn subreddit images in Chrome new tab

In above screenshot, you can see one of the beautiful image of our planet in a new tab of my Google Chrome browser.

Title of each individual picture and name of Reddit user who uploaded that particular picture will also be visible to you at bottom. You can click the title to move to the source location of the image, read comments of users, and click on the image thumbnail to download the image to PC.

We have also covered Google Chrome extension to show Pinterest images in new tab and view satellite image of Earth in new tab.

Install this Free Chrome Extension to View Beautiful Images of our Earth in Every New Tab:

Click on the homepage link of this extension that I have added at the end of this review. After opening its homepage, tap on Add to Chrome button to install this extension. After installation, open new tab, and a beautiful image of nature will be in front of you. See the screenshot below:

open new tab to see beautiful image of nature

Location (city and country) of that particular image will also be provided to you in the title of the image. Name of the user who has uploaded that image will also be visible to you.

Whenever you want to see another image of nature, open another new tab, or just reload the current tab. A different image will be presented to you. You can click the title of the image and move to EarthPorn subreddit where that image was posted by user.

see new image everytime you open new tab of Google Chrome


All who love nature (I am one of them) and want to see its beautiful scenes, this Google Chrome extension is handy. I wish it would have provided an option to let users’ to save images directly from the new tab. Still, it is one of my favorite Google Chrome extension to see nature images.

Get /r/EarthPorn Tabs.

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