Chrome Extension To View Satellite Image of Earth In New Tab

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Earth View from Google Maps is a free Chrome extension that helps to view satellite images of earth in new tab of Google Chrome. Whenever you will open new tab of Google Chrome, it will provide image of earth taken from satellite at regular time of intervals. Thus, instead of getting a single and same boring image every time, it will provide a beautiful view of our earth with the help of satellite image.

Apart from just viewing the image of earth in new tab, you can also view the name of city/town of that country. Clicking on the name of country or city will direct you to Google maps from where you can get further details about the image.

get satellite view of earth from new tab of Google Chrome

In screenshot above, you can see satellite view of a particular area of a city of Japan. No matter whether you live in US or Japan or in any other part of world, you can get a random image of satellite view of earth using this extension.

You might also be interested in NASA World Wind and Celestia (to explore stars and Galaxies).

How To Get Satellite Images of Earth In New Tab Using This Free Extension?

You don’t have to follow complicated steps or complete uneasy tasks to get satellite images of earth. All you need to do is install this Google Chrome extension on your Chrome browser. You may use the installation link given at the end of this review.

As soon as you will install this Google Chrome extension, it will be ready for you to show you satellite images of earth. Simply open new tab and you will find a new and beautiful image of earth captured from satellite.

Earth View from Google Maps

Similarly, whenever you will open a new tab in your Google Chrome browser at regular time intervals, a new image will be in front of you. At bottom right side of satellite image, you will be able to see the name of city and country for which the image has been captured.

click on country name or city name to move to Google Maps

Just click on the city name or country name to direct to Google Maps. After accessing Google Maps, you can further zoom in the location, can get distance measurement of that location from a particular point, etc.


This Chrome extension is quite interesting to use for those who love to see earth from the above. Time to time, you will get a fresh and quite beautiful image of earth taken from satellite for different parts of earth.

Get Earth View from Google Maps Chrome Extension.

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