3 Free Sheet Music Maker Software

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Here are 3 free sheet music maker software.

All these software are handy to create custom sheet music using multiple tools and save them to PC as MIDI file. You can also save your sheet music as an image and print it or share it with friends. Apart from this, most of these software let you preview sheet music (by playing it within the interface) to check if it is good enough or you need some changes. For all music learners, artists, and others who want to create and save written representation of their own music (known as sheet music or score), these software are useful. You will be able to add notes, bars, copyright information, change time signature, key signature, etc. Lets have a look at these sheet music maker software.


Musink- interface

Musink (Lite) is one of the best sheet music maker software in this list that provides a beautiful interface. You can create a project to build your own custom sheet music and publish the project as PDF, XPS, or PNG image. While publishing the project, you could also add title, copyright details, and other information in your sheet music. Apart from this, it lets you export the sheet music as MIDI file that you can play with Windows Media Player or other player that supports MIDI format.

Another interesting feature of this software is that you can preview the music sheet before publishing it. You also have the option to export your project and import it, whenever needed. There are multiple symbols available that you can use to add on the bars in your sheet music. Apart from this, you can also jump to a particular bar to edit the notes and more.

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MuseScore- interface

MuseScore could be a good choice for you to create as well as edit sheet music. Notes can be added either using mouse clicks or by using the hotkeys. Your music sheet can be saved in its native format or as PDF, *.mid, *.ogg, *.wav, *.flac, SVG, PNG, etc. You can also adjust page settings (page size, height & width, two-sided or landscape, etc.) before saving the sheet music.

This software comes with multiple tools to create a beautiful sheet music. Apart from this, a bunch of palettes are available to use in your sheet music: Drums, Note Heads, Barlines, Lines, Breath & Pauses, Key Signatures, Time Signatures, and much more. To use a palette, you only have to drag n drop the symbols to your sheet music. You can also join MuseScore community to get sheet music, play those sheets, and improve your skills. It is surely a handy sheet music maker and a good competitor in this list.

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Crescendo by NCH Software

Crescendo- interface

Crescendo Music Notation Software is the last software in this list that lets you edit MIDI files or create new sheet music. You can open multiple scores (or sheets) on its interface and add notes (quarter, half, sixteen, or eight). You will find multiple tools on the left side using which you can show your creativity to generate custom music sheets. Available tools are: selection tool, pan, bar line, tuplet, zoom, slur tool, etc. Options to insert text, change key signature, and time signature are also available.

When your sheet music is ready, you can play it, and finally save it as MIDI file to desired location. Apart from this, you can save your sheet music as an image: PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, etc.

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All these are really good sheet music maker software. However, among these software, I can recommend MuseScore because it comes with multiple palettes and provides option to join the community to explore and grab more sheet music.

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