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Musink is a free music composition software for quick and effective creation of MIDI files, score sheets, etc. Unlike other software, this music composition software efficiently supports writing of music for multiple voices. This free notation software allows the music composer to pay attention to his/her work while the tough task of writing the music is done by Musink. As there are word processors, Musink can be termed as a music processor.

Free music composition software

Downloading and Installing Musink:

Musink is available for download here. There is no subscription fee or any type of charge involved. On completion of the download, you need to run the setup file. Running the setup file, automatically opens up the home page of Musink on your screen. You can also try MuseScore, Anvil Studio and VBRhapsody reviewed by us.

Features of Musink Free Music Composition Software:

As word processors make documentation convenient so does Musink make composition of music easy. One of the reasons behind its development was to bring rapidity to music writing, which Musink delivers efficiently. It has an auto-layout system which relieves writers from so much pain and effort that they put in writing. Besides, it supports creation of drum-loops. More importantly, once music is composed, it can be played-back for correction/approval. Snippets, scores and even books can be written with the help of Musink. A composed file can be exported for the web as MIDI and other file formats. In fact, the features of this software have to be utilized to realize their efficiency instead of being read about.

Writing Notes on this music composition software requires only a click of a mouse at the location where the Notes are to be inserted. The auto-adjustable layout maintains the gap in the scores. These remove the additional task of beautifying the score and allow the writer to concentrate on the composition.

Using Musink

To start a project, a few initial specifications are required so that the composition page opens accordingly. These specifications include Staves with the number of voice for each of them. Adjustment of  Time Signature and the number of bars complete the initial procedure where from composition can be started.

On the composition page, one may write music. The Project tab can be used to add Bars, Staves, Sections and Drum keys. The Redo and Undo options make corrections convenient. The specification/confirmation alert for these additions or deletions prompts the user whenever changes are made. Marks, Clefs, Key Signatures, Offsetting or Free texts, Line Break, and Bar link can be added through the marks tab. Moreover, Time Signature and Bar line can be changed through the same tab. Writer may adjust the view of the project according to his/her preferences. The possibility to Playback one’s composition helps to further fine-tune the music. Repeated Playback and alterations finally lead to a music that is written to perfection.

While File tab has usual functions, it has some Musink-centric and advance options too. One very important function under File is Project Publish.  Most certainly, there are fields that have to be specified to successfully complete publishing process. The specifications entered here can be saved for future use. On completion of the publishing process, the output format can be chosen. In addition to publishing, composition can be exported as MIDI through File tab. Importing of templates is also done through here.

But one question that echoes several times in the mind is ‘what if someone is not well-versed with rules of music or is a beginner?’ The Help tab at the site of this music composition software comes to rescue of such first-time users or composers. Changing of Clefs, addition of Notes or Half-Notes, copy/pasting, Tuplets, Publishing, and saving the project have been included in Help with due details.

To term Musink as the ‘ultimate music processor software’ would be an exaggeration or overstatement of any kind. How much Musink scores on various composers evaluation-scale depends upon the preferences of composers, but the efficiency that Musink brings to writing music is hardly found in any other software. The suggestion to use Musink (remember, it is free) to realize its proficiency is, perhaps, the best appreciation for the software.

Editor Ratings:
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