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Socialmention is an efficient social media search and analysis platform that allows one to search for updates about the latest happenings in the world.

Socialmention is a real-time search engine where users can search for news and updates  related to almost anything they’d want. It compiles the user-generated information from across the world on the web to produce a single channel of information accessible on a single portal online.It monitors more than 80 different sources of social media which includes popular networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc,. Below is a screenshot of the results I got when I searched for Free Software.


Socialmention provides media contents of one’s interest, displays current trends for the user to learn about the social media news making rounds online. The different sources of news are classified into blogs, networks, events, images among a few others. This is done so that a user can perform a selective search that displays results only from one of these specific sources. A user can also integrate a mini Socialmention widget on their websites or blogs to display the currently buzzing news.

Also a user can install a socialmention browser plugin to search for news on their browser without actually using the portal. The plugin can be downloaded from the website and the setup is quite easy. An iGoogle gadget is also on the cards for the users to have the news feeds displayed on their iGoogle homepage.

Socialmention portal also provides APIs for programmers to interact with socialmention website, so that they can access and integrate social media data into other applications and portals. Access to the APIs is freely available for non-commercial and personal usage.

One can select from an array of popular social news sources like, Ask, BBC, MSNSocial, Youtube, Webshots, Flickr among many other such sites to receive news feeds selectively. One can also know about the popularity of news with the help of various Socialmention parameters like ‘reach’, ’passion’, ’sentiment’, and ’strength’. One can learn about these terms on the website

SocialMention is a great tool if you want to do some specialized social marketing research for your keywords. If you just want to get general search results, you are better off using just Google or Bing, as they are doing a great job of integrating results from social networks within their search results. Another special purpose search engines we reviewed earlier are Image Search engine, and Jumper. Also check out desktop file search engine.

Socialmention boasts of the following appealing features:

  • Allow Social media alerts to be sent to a personal device
  • Create a custom alert to receive a social media alert of your choice.
  • A realtime buzz plugin that could be integrated to one’s website to display realtime twitter buzz.
  • Email alerts about a business,popular news story,celebrity etc.,
  • Displays a list of hot search trends going on currently.
  • Select from a list of social media sources from which the results have to be displayed.

The trends are regularly updated and one just needs to head straight to Socialmention to know about the latest in social media.

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