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Jumper is a free search software which allows its users to search any files over internet with great speed and flexibility. Unlike other search engines out there, Jumper relies on manual tagging on information by specialists. People link the search results together to find the most relevant results. This ensures that your specific search queries get more relevant results, instead of just generic results based on presence of keywords. Jumper is most suited for knowledge workers who have specialized search needs. Note: unlike web based search engines, Jumper has to be installed on your system.

Update (1-Sep-2012): Jumper is dead. Try out other search engines, like, Google :)

Jumper uses social networking methods to tag and also links all distributed information resources for creating effective search engine which allows its users to search any content like media files, data files or documents irrespective of their location. The best part is that Jumper is an open source software is available free to use.You can also check out file search software, and image search engine.

Jumper is powered by shared bookmarking engine and is very easy to use. Complex and in deep searches can easily be done by this free search engine tool, Jumper. Universal files like flat files, content system, blogs, people, database and many others can easily be searched with this powerful searching tool.


Jumper allows you to search and share all your important data remotely using a feature called metadata for capturing knowledge about that data in remotely based data stores. You can easily use Jumper for linking and tagging data objects. It makes an effective search by collecting all the tag profiles in a knowledge base and search engine and the data can be searched easily by other users in the knowledge base. This is a new approach for managing the structured data using front end of web 2.0 quality data resources are identified by user created profiles and also all the knowledge in database is created by the user.

Thats not all, Jumper also allows its users to comment and give ratings. Opinions and comments about any information resource can be made by the users based on its importance to them. You can easily manage, create and edit the tag profiles in this freeware, Jumper.

Jumper is a really interesting concept, and a nice solution for specialized searches. Its utility will increase a lot once people have tagged lot of data for effective search results for all the searches.

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