4 FIFA Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 FIFA extensions for Google Chrome which, if you’re a sports fan, more specifically a football fan, you can use to keep track of the activity and news updates about all your favorite teams, local, national or international. With the FIFA World Cup being just around the corner, having a FIFA extension installed in your Chrome is a must if you’re a true football fan.

Let’s see just what exactly does the Chrome Store has to offer.

Futhead FIFA Ultimate Team Search

fifa extensions google chrome

Let’s say for example that the World Cup starts, you’re watching a match and you see a player with whom you’re not familiar, whose name doesn’t ring a bell.

In these types of situations, Futhead FIFA Ultimate Team Search is a FIFA extension for Chrome that’s like a dream come true. By using Futhead you can quickly find out all the basic information about the player simply by typing in its name in the top right corner dropdown. Info about the player’s club, and quality is showed automatically. Click on a players name takes you to the website where more detailed stats about the player are found.

Get Futhead FIFA Ultimate Team Search.

Fifa Streams

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We can’t have a list of FIFA extensions for Chrome without mentioning FIFA Streams, an extension that’s gonna scrape the web in search of live FIFA streams that you can then watch.

To find and open up a stream you basically just have to click on the Fifa Stream top right corner icon. If there are any FIFA football matches going on somewhere in the world, live stream of it is gonna be showed in the Fifa Stream dropdown.

Get Fifa Streams.

Live Sports, Scores & Streams

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Technically speaking Live Sports, Scores & Streams isn’t a FIFA extension, it’s not even specifically a football extension but it does support football. Live Sports is a results reporting extension. Several sports are supported, not just football see image above.

Scores of all your favorite FIFA teams, local, national and international are gonna be showed by simply clicking on the extension icon. Use the top right corner “Scores” dropdown to switch between results tables for different leagues.

Get Live Sports, Scores & Streams.


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SoccerInferno is a football extension that’s gonna keep you updated not only on football scores from all the major FIFA leagues and matches, but also on all the latest news related to player transfers, injuries and more.

Even though technically it’s not a FIFA extension, SoccerInferno is still worth checking out.

Get SoccerInferno.


We liked using Futhead because it offers a lot of useful information about FIFA players, especially when you visit the website. Other extensions are also worth checking out, Live Sports, Scores & Streams if you want to keep track of scores and updates from all the major leagues, Fifa Streams for watching matches. SoccerInferno will on the other hand keep you informed about important football news. Try them out and let us know which one you think is the best in comments down below.

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