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Mailbox for Android is a free email app for Android devices which comes with smart features and a delightful interface. This free email app for Android focuses on making the emailing experience fast, light, and mobile friendly.

For this Mailbox has completely redesigned the inbox visually as well as functionally. One of the biggest features of Mailbox for Android is swipe controls. Swipe emails to delete or archive also swiping gives you the ability to add reminders and emails to lists, this is one of the most impressive feature of Mailbox for Android. This app is great for easily managing the flood of emails we face on a daily basis.

Mailbox app comes from Dropbox. Mailbox has been available for iOS for about a year and now this free email app is also available for Android. It was revamped at the same time Dropbox launched Carousel app for photo archiving. Currently Mailbox only supports Gmail and iCloud but other email platforms will be added soon.

Get Mailbox for Android

Starting and setting up email account in Mailbox for Android:

Get this free email app from link at the end of this article. When Mailbox is launched for the first time, you will be asked to log into the app with your Dropbox account; this is done so that your settings can be synced across various devices. Once you are signed in, then you can add an email account to the app. Here you are presented with just two options for now, but in the future there will be more. Select Gmail or iCloud and the app will guide you through the setup process and this will be followed by a short tutorial explaining the features.

Starting and setting up email account in Mailbox for Android

Using Mailbox for Android:

After a successful setup you will have the interface as seen here. You can see the UI is simple and follows the flat design style which is trending these days. When you swipe from the lift edge of the screen to the right, you will have all the labels as seen below and also you can access settings from here. The mail composing interface looks as seen below; it has a minimalist interface and looks nice. One thing which I did not like was that the app only allows attaching images directly from the device and all other files are need to be handled via Dropbox.

Mailbox for Android interface

Now let’s dive into the features which make this email app special. All these options can be accessed by swiping on the email. Swiping from the left to the right archives an email, while long swiping from the left to right sends the mail to the trash as seen below.

deleting and archiving email in mailbox for android

When you swipe an email from right to the left then you will get option to add a reminder to the email. After the swipe you will be presented with options as seen below. Now from here you can set the amount of time after which you would like to be reminded.

add a reminder to the email mailbox for android

Long swiping from the right to the left brings up the options as shown below. In this manner you can create a list and add email to a category and handle them with ease. This feature allows you to manage categories for email and the actions related to them with ease.

add to list in mailbox for android


Mailbox for Android is a really nice email app and it makes handling emails really easy. The interface and the functions make for a fast and friendly emailing experience. This app offers a whole new way of handling emails on your mobiles device. There are some shortcomings in Mailbox but I think these are okay as the app is at an early stage of development.

Also check out Blue Mail for Android which offers similar features and supports lots of other email services.

Get Mailbox for Android from here or scan the QR code below.

qr code mailbox for android

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Works With: Android 4.0.3 and up
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