Free software to update SysInternals utilities: SysInternalsUpdater

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SysInternalsUpdater is a free software to update SysInternals utilities. As its name pretty much gives it away, SysInternalsUpdater lets you easily and conveniently update all of the utilities included in the SysInternals Suite, from a single interface. It automatically scans and displays the latest available versions of the SysInternals utilities, and then downloads them to a folder, which can be specified by the user.

By default, SysInternalsUpdater downloads the updated versions of all the included utilities. However, you can also manually specify if you only want to update some of them. Apart from that, it can automatically kill any running SysInternals utilities, to ensure a proper update. The application can even create log files of the download activity. Let’s find out how this thing works.

sysinternalsupdater in action

How to use SysInternalsUpdater to update SysInternals utilities?

SysInternalsUpdater is available as a standalone portable application, and at under 2 MB, is fairly lightweight in size. As is the case with most portable apps, there are no installations or setups here either. All you gotta do is just download and run.

Here’s how SysInternalsUpdater looks like:

sysinternalsupdater mainui

Comprised of just a single window, SysInternalsUpdater features a pretty easy to understand user interface. The top section mentions the default download location for the updated utilities and as mentioned before, you can change this location to any folder of your choice. Below that, there’s a status section that lets you know about the download progress of the utilities, along with some other general information about them. The bottom section essentially consists of an automatically fetched list of all the latest updated SysInternals utilities, along with the date and time of the each update’s latest release. As you might’ve figured out by the simplistic UI, using SysInternalsUpdater is a fairly easy task. In any case, the following steps should be more than sufficient to get you started with this nifty application:

Step 1: Fire up SysInternalsUpdater, and select the folder where you want the updated files to be downloaded. After that, select the utilities whose updated versions you want to download (By default, all utilities are selected). Once done, hit the small Green download icon at the bottom right corner of the list to  start the download.

Refer to the screenshot below:

sysinternalsupdater update

Step 2: That’s it. There’s no second step. Once you hit the download icon, SysInternalsUpdater will immediately start downloading the updating versions of the selected utilities one by one. You can check the progress of the downloads using the status section. The Options tab lets you specify custom messages to be displayed when downloads start and finish. You can also view the log files. Pretty awesome, right?


SysInternalsUpdater is a really useful free software to update SysInternals utilities. It provides an easy and hassle free way of keeping your favorite SysInternals suite of system diagnostic tools always up to date. If you use SysInternals on a regular basis, SysInternalsUpdater is something you should definitely have. Do give it a try, you’ll love it.

Get SysInternalsUpdater Here.

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