Change Letters To Uppercase and Lowercase With Lower Case Switcher

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Lower Case Switcher is a software to convert letter case from upper to lower and from lower to upper case on PC. Lower case switcher is brilliant software for PC which makes the work easier and faster while typing on PC.

The software is free for a 30-day trial period and after that it’ll cost $19.99 if you like to keep it.

This uppercase and lowercase switcher offers you the keyboard shortcuts to convert letter to uppercase, convert letters to lowercase, capitalize the first letter, and invert text case with your PC keyboard.

Lower Case Switcher

Lower case switcher is the apt solution for which I was searching on the web. While writing, I normally make mistakes related to uppercase and lowercase letters. Lower case switcher is now a backbone for me to write any content on my PC. I tried this software on MS word and notepad while typing on my PC. The shortcuts worked very well.

But when I tried to convert uppercase and lowercase while writing on Windows Live Writer, the software did not work. I was unable to convert uppercase and lowercase letters on my Windows Live Writer, which in turn is very disappointing for me. Apart from this, lower case switcher works fine.

Keyboard Shortcuts To Convert Uppercase And Lowercase:

  • Press (CTRL+/) keys to capitalize the first letter of a word. E.g., ilovefreesoftware?Ilovefreesoftware.
  • Press (CTRL+]) keys to convert letters uppercase to lowercase. E.g., ILOVEFREESOFTWARE?ilovefreesoftware.
  • Press (CTRL+[) keys to convert lowercase to uppercase. E.g., ilovefreesoftware?ILOVEFREESOFTWARE.
  • Press (CTRL+’) keys to invert text case.

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Key Features Of Lower Case Switcher:

  • Convert upper case letters to lower case.
  • Convert lower case letters to upper case.
  • Invert text case.
  • Capitalize the first letter of the whole word.
  • Works with MS office, Notepad and the like.
  • Run in the background.
  • Multiple Languages selection.
  • Change the key combination from the settings menu.
  • Automatically starts on windows start-up.

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Install Lower Case Switcher On PC:

  • Click here to get the download link of Lower Case Switcher software.
  • Click on the setup file on the webpage.
  • The file will be downloaded. Double click on the setup to install lower case switcher on your PC.
  • You will find lower case switcher icon in the system tray. You can then customize the switcher settings from the system tray and get started with the switcher.

Lower Case Switcher System icon

Make your work easier and faster with this lower case switcher on your PC. If you know of some other similar / better software, do let me know in comments.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free 30-day trial

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