Picture Password Software To Replace Log In Password With Face

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KeyLemon is a free software that allows you to set a picture password to log in to your system and replace the usual password. The basic version (free version) of the software provides one more feature of plugin. It lets you track the evolution of your face by taking one picture of your face daily and creating a video of it. The video can then be exported and shared easily. These are the two features available in the free version of this software.

This password protect software provides its users with something different and ensures complete safety of their system. With normal password there are possibilities that someone might get to know your password and log into your system without your permission. But, with a picture password that possibility is completely eliminated as there can be no substitute for your face.

KeyLemon-picture password-interface

How This Picture Password Software Works?

Using this software is no mystery as it is quite simple. Once you download and install the file, which surprisingly is quite heavy in size, you are taken to a general window where you can select the language for your interface. After that you can go to the profile tab and manage your profile.

In the profile tab, you can take a picture of your face that will serve as your password when you log in to system next time. Once you have clicked the picture and set a name for it click the apply button and the picture password will get activated automatically. The picture and name set can be replaced by the users if they wish to do so.

Note that it is important to have a webcam connected to your system always, in order to keep this software activated. The software fails to work if the webcam is not activated.

KeyLemon-picture password-profile tab

Track Face Evolution And Create A Video

Apart from setting a picture password, there is one more feature provided in this software, that is, plugins. The software allows you to track the evolution of your face. You can take one picture of your face daily for as long as you wish. The software combines all your pictures in a video that will reflect day to day changes in your face. That video can be exported onto your system and then shared with your friends. All these options are provided in the Plugins tab.

KeyLemon-picture password-plugins

This option might contain some bugs or faults that we could not detect due to the fact that the software allows to take only one picture in a day. Hence, it became impossible to completely test this feature.

Final Thoughts

keyLemon is a nice and different software that has limited but efficient features. There are upgraded versions of the software that include a lot of features but you will have to pay for them. Users should definitely give this software a try for its unique features.

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