Blink: Free Software to Login to PC using Webcam

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Luxand Blink is a free software that lets you login to your PC by using Webcam and Facial Recognition. Blink utilizes excellent and efficient software to register your face. It then lets you login via your webcam, just by looking into it. It uses advanced face recognition for that.

This adds an extra layer of security to your computer and a more secure way of logging into your system. Some may be inclined to call it a bit of a novelty product, but for many it is a viable, efficient, and secure way of logging into the system. This is especially useful on those computers that do not have advance login features, like Fingerprint recognition.

An example of the facial recognition used in Luxand Blink!

Quick and Easy, or Slow and Gimmicky?

This free facial recognition login tool is much more than the gimmick it could well be portrayed as. Setup could not be easier as it takes only around one minute to get the system from an installer to a fully functioning program.

We had earlier written about using your webcam to monitor your home; logging into your computer is another interesting use of webcam.

Speed like this is excellent for software so complex and it certainly does seem to work, adding another alternative to the cumbersome and sometimes difficult to remember idea of typing in passwords for absolutely everything.

It is a particularly good alternative now that people are advised to have different passwords for everything, increasing the probability of these passwords being forgotten [though, I use Password Manager for that]


  • Efficient facial recognition technology.
  • Automatic webcam detection.
  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Records all login attempts.
  • Recognizes minor changes in appearance, such as shaving and haircuts.
  • Compatible with Windows 32-bit operating systems only.

Final Thoughts

Luxand Blink! is a near faultless free facial recognition login tool. In our tests, it managed to recognize the correct person easily, but failed to allow in several others. If it’s security you want, then it definitely pulls off what it claims. If it’s simplicity you want, then this is about as good as you are ever likely to get.

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Works With: Windows
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