Calculate Loan Repayment Schedule Using Loan Manager

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Loan Manager is a free loan repayment schedule calculator which can be used in order to calculate the loan repayment schedule and the value of monthly installments that have to be paid for the loans. Various different types of loan repayment schedules are possible and they can be printed out if you want.

Loan Manager default window

Interface of Loan Manager can be seen in the image above. Note that in order to use it, you need to have Microsoft Access installed, because this free Loan Manager is an MDE file which requires Access in order to run properly. This is just the start menu where you can select between doing calculations in version 2 or 3 of Loan Manager, and other available options.

Key Features of Loan Manager are:

  • Quick and easy to set up loan manager software.
  • Calculate schedule for advanced, delayed, or irregular repayments.
  • Save and manage the created loan repayment schedules.
  • Printing support for the generated repayments is available.

In the world of finance there always seems to be talks about loans and debt, and for the last few years, since the crisis hit, experts are mostly talking about the inability of people to pay their mortgages, student loans, and pretty much every other type of loans. This is mainly because people lose their jobs, but there’s also some who have done their math, and even though they have a job, paycheck that they get doesn’t cover the monthly installment of the loan. That’s where this free loan repayment calculator can help you out.

How to Calculate Loan Installments with Loan Manager?

From the main menu, which can be seen in the image above, click on the calculate Repayment Schedule button, the version 3 one. We’re gonna use that one, for the full list of differences between the two versions you can open up the release notes, but in essence you get more features with Loan Manager version 3.

Loan Manager schedule printing

Here, you have to enter all the details about your loan, starting from things like loan amount, interest rate, loan start date and end date or the number of installments that you have to pay and once that all of the required information is entered, down below you should see the schedule of installments listed.

Loan Manager calculating loan

Before you print the payment schedule with all the installments nicely listed, the document can be previewed. If everything is in order, document can be printed or you can save the entire document to the Loan Manager database for safe keeping.


Loan Manager can help you out a lot if you’re not sure just how the banks are calculating the monthly installment amounts for loans that are taken out. This free loan repayment calculator is very simple to use, offers a very large number of ways that loans can be calculated, if you have irregular payments, delayed or any other type, all of them can be calculated with Loan Manager.

Click here to download Loan Manager.

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