Lock Keyboard and Mouse In a Single Click: BlueLife KeyFreeze

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BlueLife KeyFreeze is a simple software that helps to lock keyboard and mouse in a single click. It completely freezes mouse, keyboard, and each key and button will be disabled until you won’t unlock it. It could be helpful in many cases. Such as when you have to clean your keyboard/mouse or need to leave your PC in a hurry. You don’t need to lock your desktop screen or shutdown your computer in that case. It is also useful when you are downloading something or watching a movie and don’t want others (specially kids) to interact with keyboard/mouse to create any kind of disturbance.

BlueLife KeyFreeze- interface

In screenshot above, you can see its beautiful interface where it provides lock button which can only be disabled by pressing the default hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Del.

How To Lock Keyboard and Mouse With This Freeware?

To lock your PC mouse and keyboard with this KeyFreeze software, you need to download it to your PC. It comes in a zip file and total size of zip file is just 322 KB. After you have downloaded it, you can extract it into a folder to get the application file. Application file is executable, so without installation you can run it. Its interface will open up where you can click on LOCK KEYBOARD & MOUSE button to lock them. Before locking mouse and keyboard, it starts 5 seconds countdown. If you don’t want to lock keyboard and mouse at that moment, you can cancel the lock within those 5 seconds.

cancel locking

Once the countdown is finished, it will lock keyboard and mouse immediately. Desktop screen will remain as it is, so that whatever work you were doing, will remain in progress. And whenever you want to interact with your PC input devices, you can use Ctrl+Alt+Del hotkey to cancel the lock.

Some Features Present In This Keyboard and Mouse Locker:

  • Quite easy to use application that locks mouse and keyboard, based on your requirement.
  • Portable software which provides executable application file to run it without installation.
  • 5 seconds countdown time is displayed to cancel locking, before it applies.
  • Completely free and very lightweight.

Similar freeware: KeyFreeze and WinLock.


BlueLife KeyFreeze will be helpful whenever you feel urge to stop mouse and keyboard interaction. Instead of locking the desktop screen, you can simply lock keyboard and mouse with this simple and free utility. If you find this could be useful for you, you can download it using the link present below:

Get BlueLife KeyFreeze free.

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