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Winlock is a free software that can lock any open windows so that no one can make any changes to them. It will be possible to minimize or maximize windows, but it won’t be possible to use mouse or keyboard on them, hence preventing any changes to open windows.

The useful application Winlock is a free tool that allows users to lock selected Explorer applications as well as access to private information or documents. The Internet is rapidly becoming a necessity in any home or business and thus the desire for each of us to have the best computer access security is also becoming a necessity. Winlock will make sure any and all your private information is unavailable to prying eyes. This free utility allows other users to use your computer, but will not allow them access to  open programs or files that the computer owner has “locked”. This includes email, browsers, and other applications.

If you want to completely prevent some application from running, you can try Windows Application Blocker. And to password protect files, you can try Conceal or Right Click Encrypter.


Let’s take a look at the features this simple, yet effective, tool:

  • The application is portable. This means it can be transferred to another computer; for example, a laptop for the traveling businessman.
  • Entering one simple password lets users lock and unlock various applications.
  • The program runs in the background with an icon on the taskbar in the system tray.
  • While locked a page or application can be minimized and maximized but will not respond to keyboard or mouse commands.
  • Uses little CPU or memory and is one of the most reliable free security applications available on the Internet.

Free Winlock works simply. First one downloads and sets up the tool. Next, create a password. This password can be used in all security situations; which makes for simple use. When locking or unlocking a page, the user simply clicks on the icon and enters his or her password – it is that easy.

Once you have this freeware running on your Windows system, you’ll be able to do all those important tasks without fear of some other person losing your data.

Download WinLock here.

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