Xfire: Free Instant Messaging Tool for Gamers

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Xfire is a free instant messaging tool for gamers that allow you track your gamer friends to know when they are online and playing games and lets you join them. You can join him with this freeware regardless of what gaming service, what kind of game or what server browser your friend is using. Usually, we keep track of our friends with instant messengers or in-game friends lists to know when they are playing online games. But now, you don’t have to depend on all these instant messaging software and browsers to track them as you have Xfire to help you.


Most of us have faced a situation where we are trying to play a game but the server is offline or full, or we have to look for a server to play as we have just installed the game. You are trying to play a game with your friends and trying to meet somewhere using Ventrilo, ICQ or AIM or the internal browser. But when you have organized everyone and ready to play the game, a problem like server is full or something else shows up and destroys everything. Or let’s think that you are late for a party where everyone was planning to play a game. Now everyone is playing Call of Duty and you don’t even know as some of them are offline and some of them are away. Your only option is to call them and interrupt their game or logon in your Ventrilo account and interrupt their nice game by interrupting their chat. As you can clearly understand that none of these options are good.

That’s where Xfire can help you. It’s a free instant messaging tool specially designed for gamers. You might be thinking that it’s just another free instant messaging tool but it’s not. It informs you if your friend is playing any game and also shows you what game he is playing and on what server. You can also see how many people are playing on that server and about the other players on that server. If you have the game in your PC that he is currently playing, just click ‘Join’ and you will be playing with him instantly.

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Features of Xfire:

  • Keep track of your friends to know where and who are playing which games online
  • It works regardless of gaming service, game type or server browser the other player is using
  • It comes with easy to use interface and it’s fast and small
  • It’s compatible with Vista and XP

Xfire is available for download at Xfire’s official website. It’s only 7MB in size and supports Windows Vista, XP and 2k. Download Xfire Free.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2k
Free/Paid: Free

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