Tunngle: Free p2p VPN Tool for Gamers

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Tunngle is a free p2p VPN tool that is designed for the gamers to enjoy online p2p games.This tool takes the users to the different entertaining world that they never had before. Gaming together with friends will never get easier. This free p2p VPN tool is built on the fact that each game online will have its own private network and users playing a particular game form a group and can chat/ communicate with each other during the course of the game.


Using this free p2p VPN tool is extremely easy. Apart from conventional gaming, Tunngle provides a number of additional features. Playing games with friends all over the world and enjoying all the conveniences of LAN can be done simultaneously. Adding friends and communicating with them using the inbuilt messenger are some of the things that the user can do using Tunngle.

You can download this free p2p VPN tool for free from Tunngle’s official website. The size of the installer is around 3MB. Apart from English, this freeware is available in almost all popular languages around the world.It is supported by various versions of windows operating systems like windows XP/7/vista with 32 bit/64 bit capacity.

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Some of the Features of Tunngle are Listed Below:

  • It provides a list of games along with its address which can be bookmarked, searched and listed by the users to be played anytime in the future.
  • The user can play online games with one or more players all around the world thereby forming a public network. You are free to create your own basic network with a maximum of 32 Tunnglers. Additionally, you can have an unique nickname in your community.
  • It also acts as the messenger, allowing the users to add or make friends in just few clicks.
  • It is the social gaming tool wherein you can form and interact with the community through videos, forum, blogs, wiki, events, tournaments, projects and many more beyond playing. You are provided with web signatures which can be used in all above activities.
  • Undesirable people can be banned from the Tunngle community by blacklisting. The scope and duration/ continuance of banning has to be decided by the users.
  • Each user is provided with an unique IP during login. This IP would be refreshed each time the user logs in.
  • Tunngle  API is the powerful interface tool that allows the programs and scripts to interact among themselves and works on Tunngle to perform its tasks.
  • Tunngle is more congenial for the starters . That is, they can easily join the community they wish and also they get an immense support from the community.

With all these features and options Tunngle is an entertaining online gaming platform/ Private Network. Try Tunngle Free.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Vista and XP
Free/Paid: Free

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