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Photos2Folders is a free image sorting software for Windows which you can use in order to arrange photos into folders based on the year, month, day of when they were created and/or the event name where the picture was taken. All this info will be taken from the images, from the EXIF metadata, and they are gonna be sorted into folders using hierarchy that you can change, hence the name Photos2Folders.

Screenshot of this free photo sorting software can be seen on the image above. It’s very simple, and not at all complicated or anything like that.

Photos2Folders default window

Similar software: DropIt, Order In MY Folder, SysTweak Photo Album.

Photos2Folders relies more on wizards, and depending on how you set it up, it can either work automatically, or your can set it up so that you need to tweak folders, so that a bit of manual labor is needed. This only happens when you decide to sort images based on Event names. Events can be named differently. If we’re talking about sorting, it happens when you’re using time and date of when the photos are taken. Folder hierarchy can be adjusted using the Level drop down menus, see image above. Key features of Photos2Folders – free image sorting utility are:

  • Free and easy to use – wizard type interface – 3 click photo sorting
  • Sort photographs into folders based on time, date, day of creation
  • Automatic – for the most part image sorting is done automatically
  • Adjustable folder hierarchy – setup how folders are gonna look like
  • Event sorting – you can manually enter names for event sorting
  • Duplicate image filter – if duplicates are found they are removed.

Most digital cameras store all the image that you take in a single directory. This means that for example when you use the camera for two separate occasions, for two different events, all the photos are gonna be mixed together. If you want to sort them into their own folders, you can use software like Photos2Folders. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to sort photos and images into folders based on time and date of creation with Photos2Folders

Open up both the source and the destination directory of where you want to save sorted photographs. After that Folders sections down below to adjust the folder hierarchy that you are interested in using.

Photos2Folders setting up

Duplicate actions can be set on the Image Options tab from the main menu, if you want to delete them, move to different directory and so on. When you click Start Sorting, you’re gonna see the overview window, which can be seen above. If you selected Events, this is where you’re gonna have to enter an event name, meaning folders name, for each set of photos. When you’re done, click on Done Sorting and all the image will be in their corresponding folder.

Photos2Folders images sorted


Sorted images based on days and events can be seen on the image above. Notice the address bar that folder structure is exactly how we configured it to be. Image and photos are sorted based on their year, date and day. Photos2Folders is very easy to setup and at the same time it’s very powerful. Free download.

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