Windows 8 Car Racing Game: XRacer

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XRacer is a Windows 8 Car Racing Game. In this Car Racing Game, you have to race to get more achievements and to earn more money. In this game, there are 15 levels available to race.

The score you made is published on Global Leader Board where it will be compared against other users present around the world. You also have the option to choose among the 10 different vehicles that are present in the game.

Also, there is an option to upgrade your vehicle by going to the garage. You can earn achievements by performing stunts like flips.


XRacer is freely available in the Windows store under the games category.

Racing in this Windows 8 Car Racing game:

As you get to the main landing page of XRacer, the option to start the race would be shown to you.

XRacer- Main Menu

As you choose the garage option that is available here, you will be shown the vehicles that are available for you. From among them, only one vehicle would be unlocked by default. To unlock all the other vehicles that are available there, you have to race and earn more in order to unlock them.

XRacer- Choose car

After choosing the car, you would be taken to the garage where you can upgrade later when you earn some money. A number of upgrades like Wheels, Suspensions, and others are available. As you buy that upgrade, you have to get to the main menu and choose the start game option.

As you choose the start game option, you would be shown the option to select the level. Now, there are like 15 levels available here. 1st level would be available as unlocked, and to unlock rest others you have to pay some money that you earned in the race.

XRacer- Level

Game play of this Windows 8 Car Racing Game App:

The controls of the game are quite easy. You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the car back and forth respectively. In addition to that, the controls for gas and brake are also available on screen. As you get to the main game area, the distance you have traveled, your speed, and the total money you have earned would be displayed on the upper right side of the game area. You have to go as far as possible to earn more money.

XRacer- Game Play

You can also perform awesome stunts for which money and achievement badges would be awarded to you. More the money you earn, more will be the chances to upgrade your vehicle. More the chances to upgrade, better are the chances to reach longer distances in shorter time. One more thing to remember is that, you would eventually come across many pits and steeps in your way. So drive carefully.

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Key Features of XRacer

  • Completely Free.
  • Nice game play.
  • Easy controls.
  • 15 levels to play.
  • Choose from 10 different vehicles.
  • Perform stunts and get achievement badges.
  • Cows are present. From them, you can get methane and can race faster.
  • Compete globally.
  • Nice quality of graphics and sound.

My Verdict

XRacer is a good Windows 8 Car Racing game with easy controls and nice graphics and sounds. I would highly recommend playing it. Surely share your experience with us.

Get XRacer here

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Works With: Windows 8
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