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Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive is a Free Racing Game available for PC download. This Racing game features the Mercedes CLC 350 car for racing.

This game has good scenarios, night racing mode, realistic locations, etc. Though the download size is 105MB, it has pretty good graphics and sound effects.

Mercedes CLC game

Introduction of this Dream Racing Game:

This Mercedes CLC racing game gives an opportunity to Mercedes fans to test drive this model in the streets of London.

As soon as you start the game you can see options like:

  • Colors: Nine different colors are available in this CLC 350 Sport car.
  • Wheels: Three different wheel models are available. They are 18” Multi Spoke, 18”5 Twin Spoke, and 18” AMG 5-Spoke.
  • Race Mode: Two race modes are available: namely Race and Online Race. In race mode you can race against five other CLC Cars. In Online race you will race alone for a best lap; if you play again then you can play against your best lap ghost car.
  • Track: There are four tracks available. They are Nelson’s Column-day mode, Tower Bridge-day mode, The Mall-night mode, and Southbank-night mode.
  • Difficulty: There are three difficult levels: Rookie for beginners, Intermediate for players who has little experience, and Pro for players who are expert in playing.

Make sure you use the hand brake to turn your car perfectly in those sharp corners. The car goes real smooth and don’t loose the race while trying to enjoy the scenarios of the London streets. You can drive this Mercedes as rough as you can; as there will be no damages to your car in this game. Even if you dash a wall your car will bounce back; as if it has springs attached to it.

Mercedes CLC intro


The controls are very simple. They are:

  • Press Up arrow for acceleration.
  • Down arrow to slow down.
  • Left and Right arrows for directions.
  • Space for hand brake.
  • [L] for lights On/Off.
  • [C] for different camera views.
  • [B] to view who’s behind you.

As soon as you install and start the game, you may see a black screen. Try pressing Enter button and then you will see the game (as shown in first screenshot). If you have any other problems let me know in the comments section below.

Mercedes CLC night

This game is available in both Deutsche language and English also; your preference will be asked when you first install the game. The gameplay is not realistic because nothing happens to the car or there is no driver in the seat. If you want to play a real good racing game with a branded car then try BMW Racing Game Free. But if you are a fan of Mercedes or like to test drive this model, then definitely try this game.

You can Download Mercedes CLC Game here.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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