Free Online Task and Time Tracker: SlimTimer

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SlimTimer is a free online task and time tracker which you can use in order to organize your work schedule with ease and increased efficiency. Main purpose of SlimTimer is to motivate people to do their tasks within the agreed upon time schedules, because after you add a task to the SlimTimer list, you can use a stop watch in order to measure the time that you’ve spent working on that particular task.

SlimTimer default window

This would be the main interface of SlimTimer, which is a browser application that only works in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Before you’ll be able to use it, you’re gonna have to register on the SlimTimer website. When you register you’ll have to click to open up the SlimTimer pop-up window, for you to start editing the list of tasks that you need to do.

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How to time your tasks and improve efficiency with SlimTimer

For using SlimTimer you’re gonna have to have either IE or Firefox installed, like we already mentioned. If you don’t have either one of these installed, your first step would be installing them, it doesn’t matter which one, even though if you’re on Linux it could be a bit problematic to run Internet Explorer. Next step would be registering a SlimTimer account on the main website. When you’re done with that and you’ve logged in, in the upper right corner there should be Open Timer link present, make sure to bookmark this link so that you can easily run this free task time later on.

SlimTimer task running

When you click on Open Timer, a pop-up window will appear, similar to the one that you can see on the first image above. The only difference will be that you will probably not have any tasks in your list. Tasks are added by clicking on the Add Task button, it can be seen on both of the images above, just below the actual list.

SlimTimer adding tasks

On this image we can see that a timer is running for a task. Both total time is being counted and the time for the current session. When you stop the currently running timer, time spent in this session will be added to the total time. When you finish a task simply place a check mark in the box which can be seen next to each task. Doing that will place the task to the list of completed tasks, and remove it from the list of the active ones, which still have to be completed.


A lot of people have troubles completing their tasks in time. Most of the time it’s because they are distracted by various different fun activities which can be found on every corner these days. Those who are working online, those that have access to the internet are especially in danger because internet can easily distract people. If you have a Timer running you’ll feel more motivated to complete the task, which you can also manage with the help of SlimTimer. This is a free web service and it’s available on every operating system.

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