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Politicians and controversies over what they say or tweet are not a new thing. But sometimes you come to know about a Twitter controversy a little later. Then the first thing you do is go to the Twitter account of the person involved to check out the tweet which started the whole issue. But you can’t find it there anymore. It was deleted from the account by the account holder. But you still want to check out the tweet which was made. Now how do you read tweets that were deleted by politicians, easy you simply go to Politwoops.

Politwoops is a free website with an archive of public tweets deleted by politicians. You can find tweets that were made and deleted by politicians. A wide range of politicians from different countries are covered by this website.

politwoops home

When you go to the home page of this website, you will see what you see on the screenshot above. Here you will find tweets that were made and deleted afterwards by various politicians from different countries.

Each tweet will have three options with it as shown in the screenshot below, they are:

politwoops tweets

  • Reply: This you guys know is for replying to the person who originally made the tweet. Just login to your Twitter account and write a reply.
  • Retweet: If you want to quote this tweet which was made but has been deleted, then that can be done from here.
  • Translate: This option is only available with tweets that are not in English. The translate options takes you to the Google translate page where this tweet is translated to English. You do have the option to translate the tweet in your native language as well. See the screenshot below which shows a translated tweet.

politwoops translate

If you want to know which language the tweet was made in, you can so that as well on the Google translate page by pressing the detect language button.

You can also go to the country tab at the top of the page, which will list all the countries for which the website has tweets available. You can select a particular country and you will be shown tweets from the politicians belonging to that country only.

Also check out websites which help you delete old tweets from your Twitter account.


Politwoops is a fun website, where you can find tweets which were made and then deleted by politicians of your country. Apart from your country you will also find a lot of other countries listed here. So in case you missed on the fun when it happened, you can always catch up by paying a visit to this website.

Check out Politwoops here.

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