I Miss The Office – The Office Ambient Noise Generator

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In this article, you will read about the web application I Miss The Office, which is an ambient noise generator of the office environment.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak all over the world, various companies have adopted the Work From Home protocol to keep going with the work. Although people who have done freelancing before will resort to listening to some ambient background sound while working and this situation won’t affect them much. But, to the people who have always worked in the office environment since the beginning of their career, will surely be missing the environment of the office.

The environment affects the productivity. In the case of Work From Home, many people who maintain their productivity due to the office environment may be facing difficulty in coping up with this scenario. Keeping this situation in mind, the Kids Creative Agency have created a web application called “I Miss The Office”.

I Miss The Office – The office ambient noise generator

I Miss The Office is the web application that provides ambient noise of the office environment. There is not much to be done to access this application. You just have to visit the website of I Miss The Office and the home page will be the destination for you.

I Miss The Office

You can click on the play icon on the bottom left corner of the home page and the sound will begin. Increase or decrease the number of colleagues up to 10.

This is the interactive website in which you can click on the item to listen to its sound, such as printer, water cooler, chair creaks, or pool table. You can listen to various sounds such as the mindless chatter hum of the colleagues (in a different language), people playing pool at a distance, sounds of fan and even the sound of that annoying colleague who eats most of the times.

The sounds sometimes may feel like ASMR, but the overall experience is the dull white noise that you hear in the background in the office environment while working.

In brief

I Miss The Office can provide the platform of listening to that white noise in the office and make you feel that you’re working in the office. While working with this white noise in the background, you may a bit distracted with the sudden change in the sound (maybe of sneezing sound of water pouring from water cooler). But, that’s all part of the office environment, right?!

Overall, this web application may provide the comfort and ambience of working in the office while you work from home during the pandemic or work as a freelancer.

Try this website here.

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