5 Website to View FIFA World Cup 2014 Live Commentary

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Here are 5 free websites to view latest FIFA World Cup 2014 live match commentary, scores, results, etc. You can get all the latest happening in the “FIFA World Cup 2014” taking place currently in Brazil from these websites.

So, FIFA World Cup 2014 is finally here. This event is followed the world over and people eagerly follow all the news, scores, and commentary, to keep them abreast of latest happenings in FIFA. We earlier published FIFA apps for iPhone and FIFA apps for Android, that provide a great option to stay updated about FIFA, right from your phone. But in case you want to track the FIFA scores online, then you can use these websites. All of these websites are completely free.

fifa world cup - Interface


Your quest for FIFA 2014 news and scores should start from official FIFA website, FIFA.com. It has a lot of information about the FIFA world cup. You can see information about team, players, groups, matches, etc. It also shows standings of the team, so that you can see which team has won matches.

fifa world cup - Fifa

The best part of the FIFA website is that it also shows live commentary. If you are not able to watch live streaming of FIFA 2014, then you can go to this website to read live commentary, and know what is happening in the game. Apart from that, it also has some videos from latest matches.

All in all, FIFA.com is one of the best website in this list to get latest scores and news from FIFA 2014 world cup.

Also see FIFA app for iPhone and Android.


fifa world cup - SkySports

Sky Sports is a very popular sports channel, with an accompanying website. This website covers all the popular sports the world over, including FIFA 2014. This website shows information about latest matches, match schedules, fixtures, and results. It also has a live coverage for matches, so that you can keep track of live match commentary.

Apart from that, Sky Sports covers lot of FIFA related news, in case you want to know what is happening in FIFA off the field.


fifa world cup - BBC

BBC is another popular website where you can head to get latest FIFA information. BBC has setup a complete section on the website for FIFA 2014 world cup. They have details for all the matches, fixtures, team standings, etc. Apart from that, they also provide live coverage of matches, so you can read live commentary. If you cannot watch FIFA matches, you can still keep yourself aware of all the action by reading the live commentary of FIFA. In addition, it also shows latest videos.

As was the case with Sky Sports, BBC also shows latest FIFA related news.


fifa world cup - Goal

Goal.com is another popular website to catch all the latest Football news, including FIFA 2014. I really like their commentary section in which they give minute by minute detail of the ongoing match. In addition to that, they show other information as well, like, team standings, schedules, fixtures, FIFA scores, etc.

This website has an interesting timeline view, in which you can click on any day to see details of all the matches scheduled for that day.

Also check out their GoalToons section to see funny animated cartoons of previous world cups :)


fifa world cup - SportsMule

SportsMole website actually specializes in live commentary of matches. The commentary covers minute by minute details of the match, as it happens.

The website has a special “LIVE! World Cup news Coverage” section. This section has the latest news of FIFA World Cup 2014.

Apart from Live FIFA commentary, it shows latest news, scores, and latest FIFA videos as well.

You may also want to play FIFA football video game in this football season.


In case you cannot sit in front of your TV all the time to watch all the matches live, then you can use any of these websites to see live commentary and scores. These will make you feel “in the action”, so that you don’t miss watching the match.

So, which team is your favorite in this world cup? Let us know in comments below.

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