5 Free iPhone Apps to See Live Scores and News of FIFA 2014

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Here’s a list of some amazing free iPhone Apps to see FIFA scores. You can use these apps to keep yourself abreast with the latest updates from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. You can use these apps to keep track of the schedules of upcoming matches, root for your favorite team(s), check the FIFA ranking of your teams, view your favorite team’s current roster, and a whole lot more. Apart from that, these apps also feature latest news posts and videos related to 2014 FIFA World Cup (and Football in general). Some of them even let you directly comment and post your thoughts and views about your favorite matches, teams etc. to various social networks. While some of these apps are specifically focused on the 2014 FIFA World Cup, others are more generic, and let you stay updated with all major sporting events around the world. All set to have some Football fun? Let’s find out more.

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1. FIFA Official App

It’s only fitting to start up our list with the official FIFA app. This thing provides all the information that you could need about the 2014 FIFA World Cup, from one convenient location. The app, apart from having real-time score alerts, lets you select your favorite team(s) and features real-time Powerade match alerts about all major in-match events, like Line-ups, Kick-off, Goals, Half Time Scores etc. Apart from this, you can check certain other important statistics about the teams participating in the tournament, like their official FIFA rankings, profile, coaches, and a whole lot more. You can also see general FIFA updates, individual team based news, player interviews, information about special awards like Golden Boot, Golden Ball and things like that. All of this information is divided into sub-sections, that can be accessed simply by swiping horizontally across either side of the screen. But the best feature of the app is obviously the ability to see detailed match schedules for the upcoming games. You can even see related match information like the arena/stadium where the match is scheduled to take place, the name of the officiating referee, and a brief history of the city the match is to be played on. If you want to know every single action packed moment of FIFA 2014 as it happens, get the official FIFA app. It’s super awesome.

fifa official app

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2. ESPN FC Football & World Cup

It’s really not possible to talk about any sport without mentioning ESPN, one of the largest sports networks in the world. Its football centric app, ESPN FC Football & World Cup features a ton of constantly updated information to keep you in-line with the latest updates from the Football World Cup. The app features score updates, upcoming match schedules, overall table standings and much more. You can add your favorite teams and access their stats from an individual section. Although most of the features can be accessed directly, you need to have (or create) a free account with ESPN (you can directly login via your Facebook credentials to do so) to get real-time score alerts for matches. You can individually setup what alerts you want (Half Time Scores, Goals, Kick-off etc.) for each of the teams. Apart from this, the app also features a built in newsfeed section, featuring Football related videos and news, and a timeline mentioning constantly updated FIFA related tweets. In addition, the ESPN FC Football & World Cup app also has an ESPN FC section, that lets you get the latest information like scores, schedules etc. about the various football clubs. This is one app that you need to have, if you want to stay abreast with everything FIFA.

espn app

3. Soccer Scores Pro – FotMob

This is another great app that does a pretty good job of keeping you updated with the latest from World Football (and of course, FIFA ‘14 too). Soccer Scores Pro is also divided into a couple of sections for easy navigation, which can be accessed via the side swipe-able menu on the left. The default screen shows the Top News section, which features Football (or Soccer) related news from around the world. Each news story also has an associated image, tapping which reveals the complete news article. To access FIFA ‘14 related content, all you have to do is select Brasil 2014 from the side menu. This section also consists of side swipe-able subsections. Each subsection consists of specific information about 2014 FIFA World Cup, like Match Schedules, Standings Table, News, Featured Videos etc. You can simply tap on a match’s listing to get more information about it. What’s more, you can also listen to live commentaries on the matches right from the app. How cool is that. Apart from that, you can configure individual notifications, add schedules to calendar, share them on social networks and things like that.

soccer scores pro

4. 365Scores

365Scores is another amazing app featuring a totally eye candy user interface. Like the previously mentioned apps in this list, 365Scores also helps to keep the football junkie in you satiated by constantly feeding you with the latest updates from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. You can see a variety of handy information like match schedules (classified by match dates), the local TV channel that’ll be broadcasting an upcoming match, as well as overall team standings according to the groups. It also features built in commenting system through which you can comment on the upcoming matches (You can login using various online accounts, like Facebook and AoL). You can even customize alerts for different in-match events (Goal, Red and Yellow Cards, Halftime etc.) on a per match basis. However, 365Scores is different (and thus, also more powerful) from the apps mentioned so far in this list because it lets you stay updated with not just Football, but almost all of the major sporting events (Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball etc.). Pretty amazing if you ask me.

365 scores

5. Yahoo! Sports

Last (but definitely not least) on the list is Yahoo’s very own sports app. Featuring a dope user interface, Yahoo Sports also does a great job of delivering the latest FIFA related news to you. Just like the previously mentioned 365Scores, Yahoo Sports also lets you stay updated with all the major sporting tournaments, not just Football. However, with 2014 FIFA World Cup being all the rage these days, it surely delivers a lot more content focused on that. The app itself is divided into a couple of tabbed sections for handy navigation. You can use the scores section to see the latest match scores, whereas the tournament section shows specific FIFA related information like overall standings etc. Tapping a team or match listing lets you configure individual alerts for it. You can also view the members of the teams of different countries as well. The news feed section also curates and delivers Football (you can change the selected sport from the side menu) related news which can be shared over various social networks as well.

yahoo sports


The excitement of Football fans around the world is sky-high. The next month is going to be one of absolute fun, excitement and nail-biting action. These fabulous apps are sure to keep the Football fan in you updated with every single Goal. Do give these apps a try, and get ready to groove along to one rhythm.

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