How to Fake Bad Connection on Zoom to Avoid Meetings

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This is a quick tutorial to explain how to fake bad connection on Zoom to avoid meetings. Here I will talk about a free filter that you can use from a third party app to make your video and sound glitch. The filter is called “Too many meetings” and what it does is simulate your videos recording on the other end to make it appear that your internet connection is bad. All you have to do is apply the filter it will add buffering like icon to the video. And the other person will think that it is due to the bad quality of internet.

If you want to fake bad connection on Zoom then it is very easy. There is a desktop software by Snapchat called SnapCamera that I will be using here to achieve the specified task. This software act as a virtual camera and with the help of this software, you can use filters and in the Zoom meetings. This is as simple as that. And there is a simple filter in the SnapCamera library that works on Zoom to help you fake bad connection during meetings.

How to Fake Bad Connection on Zoom to Avoid Meetings?

In order to make this happen, you will need two software. One is Zoom meetings client and then the other one is SnapCamera. If you don’t have these software already then you can download SnapCamera from here.


Now, you just open SnapCamera and then search for “Too many meetings” filter. After it appears there, you can just apply it. Start the Zoom meeting now and make sure that you have selected SnapCamera as a default interface for video from Zoom settings. However, keep this mind that to make this whole process smooth, you must have PC or Laptop with good hardware configuration.

Too many meetings search

Now, you just apply the filter either by selecting or clicking on it. Also, you can use the hotkey set by you to do the same. After you do this a buffering icon will appear in the video. You can see this in the screenshot below. Along with the buffering video, the sound will glitch too. Just click on the screen to see this in action.

Too many meetings in action

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful camera filter software, SnapCamera. Using this to fake bad internet connection during Zoom meetings is very nice and straightforward. This method can be handy if you want to avoid pointless meetings. Or, when you are not in mood for a video call then you can just use this trick on your homies.

Closing thoughts

If you use Zoom a lot and often have to deal with lots of meetings then you will find this tutorial handy. Now, you can get rid of pointless meetings in a few simple clicks. And not just Zoom but this software will work with other video meetings tools as well such as Microsoft Teams.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 6 Average: 1.7]

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