Free Social Media Post Generator by SocialBee for FB, LinkedIn

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SocialBee is a popular social media management suite just like Buffer and Hootsuite. Now, they have released a free social media post generator that you can use online. You can use this tool to generate post for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google My Business. It comes loaded with various prompts for each social media and post type. You just select a prompt, select a tone, and then it will give you a social media post that you can copy and post on any of your social accounts.

Recently, we covered a generic social media post generator that can also generate images for the post. But here, this one by SocialBee is much more powerful. However, for now, it can’t generate images for you. You just need to select a category and then let it generate an engaging and creative post for you. It even generates the different variations of the post so you can choose to do an AB test if you want to.

List of things you can do with this for different social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Generate Facebook status updates, question ideas for polls, FB post on a specific topic, FB post that can inspire people, funny Facebook post, and more.
  • Instagram: For Instagram, it can generate reel ideas that will go viral, generate catchy captions for photos, generate an inspiring quote or message, generate tips and ideas to share with your audience.
  • Twitter: It will help you generate tweet threads on a specific topic, rewrite a given a tweet, generate a question/poll to keep your followers engaged, and Share a historical event or figure related to [topic]and explain its significance.
  • LinkedIn: Create a LinkedIn post about the importance of building a strong personal brand, posts that will go viral, LinkedIn post to promote a blog, post about benefits of a certain skill, and more.
  • Pinterest: For Pinterest, you can write a step-by-step guide on how to use something, generate a list of the top 10 [topic/product/service] resources, captions for posts, and more.
  • TikTok: For TikTok, it can Generate X TikTok post ideas about any topic, post ideas for businesses, video script about a video or challenge, video description for TikTok, video title and caption, etc.

Free Social Media Post Generator by SocialBee for FB, LinkedIn

Free Social Media Post Generator by SocialBee for FB, LinkedIn

You can access this tool on this URL. The main UI looks like this and is very simple. On the left side of the UI, you can see the various presets and prompt ideas.

SocialBee AI Socia Media Post Generator Main UI

Now, you select one prompt template from the list. If your prompt is not listed, then you can move to the main post generator and create, and add your custom prompt there. Specify as much information about wan. Also, from the same section, select the tone type and number of post variations to generate.

SocialBee Social Media Post AI

Finally, click Generate and then give it a few seconds. It will take some time and then it will show you the finally generated post captions or post text. You can copy the one you think is the perfect one. Or, if you think it lacks something, then you can go back, include it in the prompt and then generate the whole thing again.

SocialBee AI Socia Media Post Generator

In this way, you can use this tool to quickly generate a creative social media post and post it. SocialBee has made the process so much simpler and smoother. Literally in a few seconds, you can come up with an interesting social media content or caption that otherwise would’ve taken hours. It is a gem of a tool for social media marketers and strategists.

Closing thoughts:

I am in awe of AI tools these days, as they are a key parameter for boosting the productivity and thinking capabilities of humans. That’s why we are regularly writing about AI tools and now it’s day for SocialBee’s AI post generator for social media. I am really amazed by its output and the fact that they have made it free to everyone else makes it a lot useful than the other counterparts. If you’re someone looking for an AI post generator to save time and effort, then this could be the next best companion.

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