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Tag Controller is a free HTML editor which you can use in order to create professional looking websites the way they’re meant to be created, by mainly focusing on manual coding with just a hint of automatism being present. By automatism we are of course talking about the fact that you can insert some of the more common HTML tags by simply clicking on buttons present in the Tag Controller toolbar.

TagController default window

Size of Tag Controller is very impressive, with less than 1MB in size, it’s one of the most feature packed applications that we’ve come across, which can be seen on the image above. Majority of tools important for creating websites are located in the left sidebar and in the upper toolbar. Work area uses up the rest of the application window, and another great thing about Tag Controller is that font which is used in the code editor is very big, which makes HTML code editing in Tag Controller very easy on the eyes. Some of the more interesting features offered by Tag Controller would be:

  • Automatic insertion of common HTML tags – bold, italic, picture, hyperlink
  • Preview your work with inbuilt browser – Preview HTML code you’re working on
  • Font selector and Color picker – easily insert fonts and change colors
  • Add CSS files to separate CSS from the HTML

Lots more tools are available in Tag Controller, all of which can come in handy when it comes to creating websites. There are two ways of creating websites, one is by actually editing HTML code, we called this manual coding in the introduction, and there’s another, much more popular way of doing things, which would be graphical piecing together of websites in WYSIWYG editors. These editors will then translate what we created into HTML for us, but this is not good for beginners, those who are just starting to code in HTML.

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How to create professional websites in Tag Controller – free HTML editor

Using graphical editors, where code is hidden from you doesn’t teach you anything about HTML, and how things are done, that’s a big problem because you really cannot create efficient websites if you do not know HTML.

TagController preview website

What you can see on the image above is the image preview of a very simple website made in Tag Controller. We reached there by clicking on the Preview tab, which is located right of the Code tab. The actual code for the very simple screen which you can see above would be this:

TagController code preview

It doesn’t seem like much, but if you don’t understand anything about how HTML works, and if you used a graphical editor, you’re not gonna learn anything. Graphical editors are known for adding a lot of extra code, you won’t notice it, which is gonna slow down your website, and maybe even cause it to look different across browsers. By using Tag Controller you get the best ratio of manual code editing and automatism where next to creating websites, you will also learn a lot.

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