5 WhatsApp Wallpaper Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 WhatsApp wallpaper apps which you can use to find cool new wallpapers to use as chat backgrounds in WhatsApp. Customizations are something that most of us are guilty of wanting to do. This is especially true when it comes to the default WhatsApp chat background because it has dull gray color by default. Apps from the list down below can help you change that.

Let’s see what kind of WhatsApp wallpaper apps are available in the Play Store.

WhatsApp Wallpaper

whatsapp wallpaper apps android 1

WhatsApp Wallpaper comes with a mix of dozens of different wallpapers, all of them made specifically to be used as WhatsApp backgrounds.

Wallpapers that you get range in design from nature imagery, space wallpapers, wallpapers that are based on the material design that’s very popular in the upcoming Android L version and more. After installation, the wallpapers can be accessed by selecting Settings >> Change backgrounds >> WhatsApp backgrounds while having a WhatsApp chat open.

Get WhatsApp Wallpaper.

Wallpapers for Chat

whatsapp wallpaper apps android 2

Wallpapers for Chat is a full-fledged wallpaper browser, which even has them arranged in categories, as you can see from the image above.

Wallpapers are accessed the same way that I described when talking about the previously mentioned WhatsApp wallpaper app. Available categories of wallpaper are simple, colorful, cartoonish, basic colors, nature, gradients, water drops, love, cats and more. Each one of them hold over a dozen different wallpapers to choose from.

Get Wallpapers for Chat.

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WhatsPaper Wallpapers for Chat

whatsapp wallpaper apps android 3

WhatsPaper Wallpapers for Chat comes with a selection of colorful wallpapers which are mostly based around nature themes.

There are other abstract type of wallpapers, but the word that best describes wallpapers available in WhatsPaper wallpaper pack would be colorful, as you can see from the image above.

Get WhatsPaper Wallpapers for Chat.

Hearts Wallpapers for WhatsApp

whatsapp wallpaper apps android 4

Hearts Wallpapers for WhatsApp is just one of several WhatsApp wallpaper apps that can be found in the Play Store from the same publisher.

This one is themed around hears, romance and love, if you happen to be interested in those sort of things. Other apps that are available focus on different themes like nature, animals, seasons, cities, etc. Make sure to check them out also.

Get Hearts Wallpapers for WhatsApp.

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Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 50M+

whatsapp wallpaper apps android 5

The last WhatsApp wallpaper app that I’m gonna talk about doesn’t just offer wallpapers for WhatsApp, it can be used as wallpapers for everything, including the home screen.

App has an entire interface for browsing and downloading over 50 million wallpapers optimized for portable devices. They are organized in categories, there’s a find tool to help you find the type of wallpaper that you’re after.

Get Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 50M+.


The WhatsApp wallpaper app, that I liked the most and can recommend enough for you to give it a try is Backgrounds HD Wallpapers. App is small, simple to use and it lets you access thousands of wallpapers. Give them all a try and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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