5 Free Online YouTube Keyword Tools for YouTube Keyword Research

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This post covers 5 free online YouTube keyword tools for YouTube keyword research. Using these tools, you can harvest correct keywords related to your video content and then use them in your video title and description. These tools take a principal keyword from you and then show relevant suggestions. You can see other details about the suggested keywords and then download them. The websites I have added in the following list take the data from YouTube and then show it to you. By using right keywords in your videos, you can improve search ranking of your videos on YouTube. And in the following list, I will talk about 5 such tools for YouTube keyword research.

Just like keyword research tools help a website to rank highest in SERPs, same goes with YouTube videos. If you don’t optimize your videos by adding correct content then they will never appear in the searches. To do that, you will need some keyword research tools. A lot of good tools are paid out there but if you want to use some free tools to do the same then this post will be really helpful. In the free plan, these tools can only show you limited number of keyword but those are enough for individual and personal work.

YouTube keyword tools which I have added in the following list works in the same manner other keyword tools do. Here you enter a principal keyword along with details like country, language, etc., and get results. The results that these websites show can be exported to a file like CSV, Excel, or you can simply copy them to the clipboard. Some of the following tools can only be used only a specific number of times. While some tools in the following can be used anytime you want.

Online YouTube Keyword Tools for YouTube Keyword Research

5 Free Online YouTube Keyword Tools for YouTube Keyword Research:


KeywordTool io free YouTube research tool

Keywordtool.io is one of the best free YouTube keyword tool available right now. In the free version, there is a limitation that you cannot see more details about the extracted keywords. But I will tell you a workaround to get proper keyword data by using an external tool. Here this YouTube keyword tool takes a main keyword from you and then generates the corresponding list of YouTube keywords which you can use. Along with the focus keyword, you can specify location and language parameters as well to get relevant suggestions. Also, to use this website to get keywords for YouTube, you don’t need to register yourself.

Simply head to the homepage of this website using above link and enter the focus keyword. It will give you the list relevant keywords which you can copy to the clipboard or download them. Since it doesn’t include search volume, competition like parameters so you will have to use Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension. However, the bulk upload functionality is moved to the paid plan.

You can feed it the keywords list that you have copied from Keywordtool.io. Paste the list in its web interface, and then proceed. It will help you get search volume, competition like parameters of the keywords. And finally, keywords can be saved in CSV format to do whatever you want. This also works on the YouTube’s search box. Anything that you search on YouTube, it will show you its volume right under the YouTube search box.


keyword io YouTube keyword reserach tool

Keyword.io is a free tool for YouTube keyword research. Here you can use it without any account to get list of keywords without additional keyword data like competition, search volume, etc., but you won’t be able to download them. If you create an account here, then it will let you download or copy the list of keywords. The interface of this tool is very simple and works in a pretty straightforward manner.

You just specify a keyword with locale information and then get the list of keywords. You can selectively choose keywords from the list and then add them in the final list. Apart from YouTube, you can use this tool for Google, Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Bing, and Play Store keyword research.

Simply create a free account on the main website or it will ask you for that automatically when you try to download the keywords. So, just enter the focus keywords and then hit “Search” button. It will start showing you the related keywords and you can analyze them. Choose and select the keywords you want, then simply add them in the finalized list. And if you are logged in, you can download them.


HyperSuggest in action

HyperSuggest is an interesting YouTube keyword research tool. In the free plan, it doesn’t put any limitations on the usage but you will be able to see only 10 results on a specific keyword. Also, some of the details about the keywords are hidden. It just takes a primary keyword from you and then shows the corresponding list of YouTube keywords which you can copy.

Also, it even lets you export the list of keywords to a CSV, SQL, JSON, XML, and Excel file. Apart from the main principal keyword, you can specify the country and language parameters as well. And not only YouTube, but you can use this website for keyword research for eBay, Amazon, Google, etc like platforms.

Access this tool from above and enter the main input keyword for which you want to get the data. Simply enter the focus keyword or keywords and then wait for it to respond with the list of related keyword suggestions. It will only load 10 suggestions for free. From its interface, you can see keywords and then you can selectively download them on your MAC or PC.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator in action

Keyword Tool Dominator is a YouTube keyword tool you should try. For free, you can only use it 3 times per day to get list of YouTube keywords based on the focus keyword you give it. It is a very basic keyword tool that just takes a keyword from you and then returns the corresponding list of keywords that you can selectively copy to the clipboard or download them in an Excel compatible file. Using this tool is easy as no sign up or explicit registration is required. You just specify the focus keyword and get the results. It is simple as that.

As it is a simple straightforward tool, so you just access it and then start using it. Specify the focus keyword and then hit enter. It will start processing the keywords and display the result. You can analyze the keywords before adding them to your final list. In the end, simply copy the list of keywords or simply download them. It uses CSV as the format to download the searched keywords on your computer.


Kparser in action

kParser is a YouTube keyword tool. Just like most tools in this list, it is limited in the free plan. Here it lets you specify one or more principal keywords to get related list of YouTube keyword suggestions that you can use for your YouTube videos. It lists as much keywords as it can find, however you cannot see search volume and competition like parameters. You can only see the list of generated keywords and then download them or copy them to the clipboard.

Go to the homepage of this tool and then simply enter then main keyword in the box. Additionally, specify the locale if you want to and then hit “Start” button. It will start fetching the YouTube keywords list and keep showing them to you. When it stops showing keywords, you can copy them manually one after another. It doesn’t let you copy or export from the list view. You can only analyze the list of keywords from its interface.


This article includes reliable and free YouTube keyword tools to do YouTube Keyword research online. All the websites that I have listed are handy and offer a free version which is good for individual YouTubers. For agency, you will either have to settle down with the free plan or upgrade to any premium plan. Personally, I will recommend you to use Keywordtool.io, HyperSuggest, and Keyword Tool Dominator. Other tools are simple and if you want to give them a try then you are free to do that. If you are a YouTuber and searching for some free tools for YouTube keyword research then you have come to the right place.

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