5 Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools Online

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Here are 5 free Amazon keyword research tools online. Using these online tools, you can get keyword suggestions and ideas by typing a specific keyword. Or, you can see more details about a specific keyword. However, all the tools that I have listed here are limited when used for free. But they are good for small-scale Amazon keyword research. Some of these tools use the Amazon suggestions to show you keyword ideas. While some of them use other approaches to show you the keyword volume and other keyword parameters. To get started with them, you just have to create a free account.

If you want to sell your items on Amazon then you will have to do a lot of research. And you will have to start with the keywords to beat your competitors and increase sale of your products ultimately. With better keyword ideas, you can create your product page accordingly and rank higher in Amazon search queries. And in the following list, I will talk about 5 such tools that you can easily use.

Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools Online

5 Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools Online:


keyword io amazon keyword research tool

Keyword.io after creating a free account lets you search for the keyword ideas for Amazon. There is a separate section in it that you can use to get keyword ideas. However, here it can only generate a keywords list after taking a principal keyword from you. You can analyze the keywords list that it generates for you. And you can choose the desired keyword from that and save it in another list which you can export. You can export all the keywords or the selected ones into a text file.

To use this website for keyword research, you have to sign up for a free account. After creating an account, you can start using it for Amazon keyword research. Simply, go to the main interface and in the Amazon section, enter your principal keyword. After that, select a country from the list and hit enter. It will generate the list of the keyword suggestions on the left side. After the keyword list appears, you can select them all or just select the desired ones and add them to the user list. And when you’re done, you can download the list on your PC.


sonar amazon keyword tool free

Sonar is quite a powerful keyword tool for Amazon that you can use. You can use this tool to generate the keyword suggestions after entering a main keyword. You can opt to get the keyword data from multiple locations and export that if you wish. The tool is simple and you can use it without creating an account. You can see the list of keywords that it generates along with the search volume density. You cannot see the exact number of search volume here. You can download the list of keywords in a CSV file.

To use this tool, simply go to its homepage using the above link and then enter a main keyword to get ideas. Next, you can specify a specific country that it supports to get the keyword suggestions. Currently, it supports Germany, France, UK, Spain, and US. You can select any one from there and get the list of keywords. You can analyze the keywords via density indicator that is at the top right corner. And you can then download the list using the Download button at the bottom.

Keyword Tool

keyword tool free tool for amazon keyword research

Keyword Tool is another website that can be used for getting Amazon keyword ideas. It uses the Amazon’s search suggestion feature to get you the list of keywords. It supports some countries to get the keyword suggestion. However, for free, it doesn’t show you the keyword data like CPC, search volume, etc. But don’t worry, I will also tell you a workaround to do that. There is free Chrome extension called, Keywords Everywhere that you can use to get the additional keyword data like search volume, CPC and competition. See more about Keywords Everywhere here.

You can go to the homepage of this keyword tool and specify a main keyword to get the corresponding ideas. You can specify a region too to get the relevant list of keywords. After getting the suggestions, you can simply copy them to the clipboard and then you can paste them in the Keywords Everywhere extension. And it will show you the additional keyword data like CPC, search volume, etc.

Scientific Seller

scientific reserach free amazon keyword tool

Scientific Seller is yet another free tool that you can try for Amazon keyword research. However, in the free plan, you will not be able to see the search volume and CPC. You can only see the keyword suggestions and export them in a list. And here you can enter multiple keywords to get the keyword suggestion. This tool here works in a different way than any other tool in this list. Here it keeps generating the list of keywords until you pause it. And then you can simply export that list to a CSV file. Simple as that. It uses the term “Buyer Keywords” for the terms that it gives you in result. Using this website is very simple. Just reach the homepage, enter keywords and get ideas.


AsinKey free amazon keyword tool

AsinKey is the last free tool in my list that you can use for Amazon keyword research. In the free plan, it only lets you get keyword data for a single keyword only. Also, the keyword suggestions are not included in the free plan. Here you can enter a keyword, specify a location, and get the monthly search volume. To get the monthly search volume of multiple keywords, you will have to manually search them one after another. Apart from one keyword suggestion, here it also offers some other features as well. You can use this website to add one product and track one keyword as well.

Simply go to its homepage using the above URL and sign up for free account. After that, go to the “Keyword Volumes” section and then enter a desired keyword to get the search volume. You can customize the search by specifying a different region. Just keep entering your keywords and get the corresponding search volume result. Simple as that. You can keep using this tool in the same way whenever you want to see search volume of a specific keyword.

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Final thoughts

These are the best free Amazon keyword research tools that you can use. All of them are good for small-scale Amazon keyword research and get data that you want. Getting the better keyword ideas with these websites, you can increase your sales and rankings on Amazon pages. So, if you are looking for free keyword research tool for Amazon then this post might come in handy.

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