Quickly Switch Filenames Of Two Files: Switcheroo

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The Windows family of Operating Systems has always been an extremely feature laden one. However, it’s the extremely diverse range of third party software applications available for it that truly make Windows the choice for millions across the globe. And while most of these software are focused towards getting things done, there are some whose purpose can seem a bit weird at first, even if they are useful in the long run.

One such utility, Switcheroo is what this article is all about. It’s a funky little application that lets you quickly switch filenames of two files. Yep, you got that right. So if there are two files and you’d like to have their filenames swapped with each other, this is the thing for you. And it’s extremely easy to use too. Intrigued? Let’s find out the details, on the other side of the break.


How To Quickly Switch Filenames Of Two Files?

Step 1: Getting started with Switcheroo is a walk in the park. At under 1 MB in size, this pint sized application can run on just about any computer out there, and being portable, doesn’t require the user to go through the monotonous installations and configurations. Simply download Switcheroo from the homepage, extract it, and you’re all set. Here’s how it looks like:

switcheroo main ui

As illustrated above, Switcheroo doesn’t really have much when it comes to the UI. The single window UI consists of two fields that are populated with the path of the two files whose names are to be switched. Apart from that, there’s just a Switch button, and a checkbox to ensure that Switcheroo stays on top. Pretty simple stuff.

Step 2: To begin with, drag and drop the two files whose filenames you want to be swapped on the File 1 and File 2 boxes respectively. You can also drop the two files together on either of the file boxes. When done, all you have to do is hit the Switch button, and Switcheroo will switch the names of the two files. That’s how ridiculously simple it is. Here’s a screenshot:

switcheroo in action

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Closing Thoughts

Switcheroo is a fun yet useful utility that lets you switch the filenames of any two files in just a click. It’s simple, and works with just about any file out there. Try it out, you might just find yourself using it more often than you need to.

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