eBay Auction Tracker And Manager: AuctionSieve

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AuctionSieve is a free eBay auction tracker and manager for Linux, Windows and Mac which you can use in order to easily keep track of eBay auctions that you participate in. When an auction that you keep track of is close to expiry, you’re gonna see a notification pop-up. There’s unlimited number of notifications that you can set to this free eBay auction tracker after which you’re gonna see a notification for each of the one that you’ve added. Not only that, but you can also manage all your auctions and keep auction tickers.

On the screenshot down below you can see the interface of AuctionSieve where the list in the middle holds a list of all the found eBay items, the ones that you can add to the auction tracker. Every new end of aucton ticker is gonna be opened up as a new tab on the website of this free eBay auction tracker and manager.

AuctionSieve default window

Not only that you can manage and keep track of eBay auctions with this free eBay auction tracker, but you can also search eBay from it. Right sidebar has filtering tools which you can use in order to filter the search results and narrow in on the products that you’re interested in.

Key features of AuctionSieve are:

  • Free and simple to setup: easy to install and setup everything
  • Allows you to search eBay with embedded search utilities
  • eBay auction management: go through the list of eBay auctions
  • Tabbed interface: each new search for items is opened in a new tab
  • Auction tracking and filtering: automatically filter active auctions
  • Notifications: when watched items are very close to expiry (5min)
  • Works with Linux, Windows and there’s also a Mac port of it available

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There’s really no easy way to keep track of eBay auctions, if you need to keep track of a lot of them. For this reason, having an application like AuctionSieve is a great advantage. Not only that you can keep a list of and manage your auctions, but you’ll also be notified when auctions are nearing the end. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to keep track of eBay auctions with AuctionSieve: free eBay auction tracker and manager

First thing that you’re gonna have to do is click on File >> New Sieve so that you add a new auction tab to the interface.

AuctionSieve adding watchlist

From there you can start searching for auctions by typing in a search term just underneath the tabs in the top left corner. Results are gonna be displayed down below. To add an auction to your watchlist just click on the Add to Watchlist button, after putting check marks next to the items that you want to track.

AuctionSieve searching auctions

Auctions are gonna be added to the Watchlist tab from where you can keep track of them all easily. Don’t forget to answer Yes on the notification question when adding new auctions, so that you receive notifications when the auction is ending. All the way in the right sidebar you can filter auctions based on prices, expiry, etc.


AuctionSieve is a great tool if you are a prolific eBay auctioneer and you need to keep track of a lot of prospective eBay auctions. The notification feature is the best thing I liked in this tool, as it ensures that you are notified when your tracked auctions are close to ending. Check it out and let us know your feedback in comments below.

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Works With: Windows, Linux, Mac
Free/Paid: Free

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