Resize and Optimize Online Images Before Downloading Them

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Tiny Beest Image Optimization is a free Chrome Extension to resize and optimize online images before even downloading them. It helps you to quickly resize and optimize online images and then with a Save As dialog it lets you save them locally on your PC. It basically works with JPG and PNG images only. You can either choose to optimize the image with current size or you can choose to optimize after resizing them with 6 preferred preset width. The available presets to resize images are 1920px, 1440px, 1280px, 1080px, 600px, and 300px wide. It always maintains the aspect ratio of the original images automatically. The difference between quality of original image and the optimized image is very low and can be ignored.

Optimizing online images with a single right click helps you save a lot of time as you don’t have to open any software for basic resizing and optimization. However if it had settings to control the optimization and resizing according to our need other than the presets, then it would have been even more helpful.

optimize online images

What makes it better than other online image optimizers like Kraken is the fact that it can optimizes images directly from where they are and you don’t need to upload or paste URL of the image on any websites.

How To Optimize Online Images With This Chrome Extension:

Tiny Beest Image optimization  is a very useful and time saving extension to directly optimize online images from the website and then save them. Since its a Chrome Extension so you can add it from the link provided at the end or you can add it directly from Chrome Web Store.

Once the extension is added to Google Chrome, you can start using it. For using Tiny Beest, you just need to right click on any image you want to optimize or resize. Then you need to select Tiny Beest Image Optimization. Then a new popup appears with the options to resize and optimize the image. This popup contains these options:

  • Optimize Current Size: This option is for optimizing image with original size.
  • Resize to 1920px wide: This option first resizes image to a width of 1920px and then optimizes it. It also retains the aspect ratio or original image.
  • Resize to 1440px wide: Similarly this option Changes the Width of image to 1440px and then optimizes it.
  • Resize to 1280px wide: This option changes width to 1280px with same aspect ration and then optimizes it.
  • Resize to 1080px wide: This option resizes image to width of 1080px and then optimizes it.
  • Resize to 600px wide: It optimizes image after resizing it to 600px wide.
  • Resize to 300px wide: It optimizes image after resizing it to a width of 300px.

optimize online images

Once you choose one of these options, after a delay of a few seconds a Save As dialog appears to help you save image any where on the computer.

It is as easy as it can get.


Tiny Beest is a very useful Chrome Extension to resize and optimize online images. It worked real fine during testing and I would definitely recommend this to all you guys who most often need to download images and then optimize it for some reasons.

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