Free Bike Racing Game For PC: SuperBikers

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SuperBikes is a free bike racing game for PC.  Masculine sports bikes, high octane speed, burning racing tracks, and smell of fuel burning; what excites a man more than these things? This game has all (unfortunately, except the smell).

SuperBikes is a free to play bike racing  game, that let’s you to race on awesome racing tracks with top notch visuals. The game has three racing modes for you to choose from, and many masculine sports bikes, that you unlock in course of the game. In addition, the game has many different tracks as well, that you can unlock by winning races.

Download size of this game is just 40 MB.


You have to compete with 12 different racers to try to get to the finish line quickly. Go crazy biking by crashing into fences and pushing the opponents, or choose to “Keep Calm” and drive peacefully. Whatever you wish to do, the game provides you the option to do all of it.

In order to win the race, you have to finish at one of the top three positions, to earn some rewards and unlock the next level. If you finish at one of the top three positions, you can rewards, that you can trade for upgrading to a different bike.

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Gameplay of Superbikes game for PC:

As soon as you launch the game, it starts giving you the vibes of the early versions of “Moto Gp”.

The game has three modes for you to choose from:

SuperBikes Game Mode

  • Competition: In this mode of the game, you will have to race with 12 different racers. There is just one lap to complete, and the track is a bit fussy so you will have to handle your bike pretty well. It’s a full on action game mode. Your bike can crash when you make the sharp turns. The competitors are ready to kick you; they will hit you every time they overtake you on the track. In order to complete the level, you will have to finish the race at one of the three positions.
  • Single Race: The Mode is pretty much like the mode described above. Racing with 12 different racers, you are required to complete one lap at one of the three positions. But the only difference is being, you don’t get to score anything here. Therefore, this mode can be treated as the practice mode.
  • Time Attack: The third mode of the game, where you are the only racer driving on the track. You make your best “Lap Time” over here. Since, you don’t get any reward for that also, this can also be treated as a practice mode. This mode will come handy if you want to practice navigating your bike.

SuperBikes Game Interface

The interface of the game is very nice. Handling the bike at the sharp turns is not an easy task to do. Ironically, this is what that makes the game more interesting.

How to Play SuperBikes On Your PC

As soon as the game starts, you will be required to enter your name.

Superbikes Enter Player's Name

Once done , you will be asked to choose from one of the three racing modes.

After that, choose your racing track and superbike to start the race. Initially in the game, you will be provided with only one Bike and Track option. If you win the race, you will get rewards and use them to unlock the track and bikes with those rewards later on.

SuperBikes Sports Bike

The race starts off, on the count of 1..2.. and 3.

SuperBikes Game Starts

Navigate your bike with the four directional keys of your keyboard.

  • Up Arrow: Accelerate
  • Down Arrow: Brake
  • Right Arrow: Turn Right
  • Left Arrow: Turn Left
  • Spacebar: Immediate brake
  • Left Alt: Wheelie

superbikes wheelie

Though there is just one lap to complete, the sharp turn in the tracks makes it pretty difficult to complete. Therefore, try to slow down while turning.

Final Verdict

The game has a pretty awesome visuals and three gaming modes offers you much to handle. Had it not been because of the difficulty level of the game, the game would have been boring after a while. Thus, the game gets a “pretty good” rating from me.

Get Free SuperBikes Here.

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